Optimize Office 365 Connectivity

NetFoundry is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Preferred Partner for O365 Networking

Optimize Office 365 without disrupting your WAN

NetFoundry optimizes Office 365 networking, without the costs of MPLS, VPN and SD-WAN.

NetFoundry’s Zero Trust architecture secures branch offices, delivering business apps according to their security and performance needs, while enabling O365 to securely use direct Internet access.

NetFoundry’s software-only, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) model enables businesses to spin up O365 connectivity in minutes, from any WAN, leveraging Microsoft's Office 365 Networking Principles to optimize performance.

NetFoundry is "the easy button" to optimize O365


NetFoundry does not require customers to use a specific WAN provider. Optimize Office 365 from your existing WAN, without disrupting it, using your existing Internet connectivity.


The same NetFoundry Platform also serves Azure, Azure Stack, Azure IoT and Azure Virtual WAN, providing a single, NaaS solution to connect workloads across multiple Microsoft services.

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Office 365 Connectivity Principles

To optimize Office 365, Microsoft recommends:

Identify Office 365 applications

NetFoundry's API integration with Microsoft identifies the Office 365 applications, separating them into the optimize, allow and default groups, as defined by Microsoft. NetFoundry provides this integration as part of the NetFoundry NaaS service - making it simple for businesses.

Enable sites to route the Office 365 applications via local Internet connection(s)

The NetFoundry web console enables businesses to easily route the optimize and allow O365 applications directly to the local Internet gateway, without any manual configuration. The NetFoundry console will even warn administrators if the Optimize or Allow Office 365 applications are not configured to be routed directly over the Internet. This eliminates expensive backhaul, which can add impairment and compromise visibility and control. Instead, the Office 365 applications take advantage of Microsoft’s Front Door infrastructure (over 130 entry points for O365), which results in the lowest latency between site and the Microsoft network.

Ensure that O365 apps bypass potentially intrusive inspection and proxy elements, which provide functions already built into Office 365

While this infrastructure is necessary for many apps, it does not add value for Office 365, and often adds latency, impairment and risk. NetFoundry therefore does not inspect Office 365, while simultaneously applying NetFoundry's Zero Trust solution to other applications at the branch site.

NetFoundry's Zero Trust, least privileged access security paradigm enables the business site to remain secure.  Only Office 365 and specifically authorized and authenticated applications are permitted across the NetFoundry private network Fabric; any other data is denied via an integrated software firewall. This empowers businesses to securely route Office 365 traffic directly to the Microsoft network over the Internet, without subjecting it to any potential impairments from third party on-premise or cloud-based security infrastructure. 


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