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  • What’s included
    • Up to 10 endpoints
    • Up to 250 GB data per month
    • 1 overlay network
    • 2 NF hosted network fabric routers
    • Network fabric in 1 cloud, 1 region
  • Service availability
    Commercial Best Effort
  • Support and SLA
    NetFoundry Community
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$5 per endpoint/month

  • What’s included
    • Up to 25 endpoints
    • Up to 500 GB data per month
    • 1 overlay network
    • 2 NF hosted network fabric routers
    • Network fabric in 1 cloud, 1 region
  • Service availability
    Up to 98% 
  • Support and SLA
    NetFoundry Select Support
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  • What’s included
    • Unlimited endpoints
    • Unlimited data
    • Unlimited networks
    • Unlimited NF hosted fabric routers
    • Multi-cloud and multi-region fabric
  • Service availability
    Up to 99.95% 
  • Support and SLA
    NetFoundry Premium Support
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Free (as in free beer)

  • What’s Included
    • Unlimited use of OpenZiti open source software to embed programmable Zero Trust networking into your apps, solutions and services
  • Clouds and Regions
    Unlimited (self-hosted)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Support
    OpenZiti Community
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All pricing plans are in US Dollars, excluding taxes. Acceptance of terms and conditions is required before access is granted. Credit card will be billed at $10/per endpoint per month if usage exceeds the Teams Plan limits. Cases needing >1TB data per month require an Enterprise Plan. Additional support options for Enterprises are available on request. Regional pricing may vary. Complete Terms and Conditions are posted here.

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Partnership Terms and Conditions available upon request.Reseller and Referral partnerships with volume discounts are available. Partners receive one multi-tenant network (suitable for testing and PoCs) supporting up to 50 endpoints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a time limit on Free Tier?

    No. Free tier supports up to 10 endpoints with no time limits.

  • Why is a Credit Card required to sign up?

    The Free tier supports up to 10 endpoints. Easily upgrade to growth at any point for only $10.00 Per Endpoint, Per Month

  • Are there Deployment/Getting Started Guides?

    Yes. Please visit

  • Where is Community Support available?

    Please visit the Discourse Group here:

  • Can I cancel my order at any time?

    Your network/account will automatically terminate after 30 days without usage, there is no need to cancel.

  • I am a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Can I integrate NetFoundry my remote management, provisioning and billing systems?

    Full APIs are available for the NetFoundry platform, enabling you to integrate with any management, provisioning and billing system.

  • How are the endpoint licenses calculated?

    For teams and growth plans, the number of endpoint licenses = number of registered endpoints + number of registered edge routers. Unregistered endpoints and edge routers are not accounted for licenses.

  • What happens when I exceed the "Teams " or "Growth " plan?

    You will have the option to upgrade or cut down your usage to fit within the tier you want.