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Zero Trust Connectivity to

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The Zero Trust Leader

Securely delivering 10s of billions of sessions per year. 1000+ enterprises. 0 breaches.

NetFoundry provides simple, embeddable zero-trust connectivity for solution providers.

The Only Embeddable Zero Trust

Easily connect anything to anything, from air gapped networks to multicloud APIs. Embed zero trust in your software via NetFoundry SDKs, or use NetFoundry endpoints anywhere. Your private, software-only fabric connects it all.

NetFoundry Fabric


NetFoundry Zero Trust Platform

SD-WAN, zero trust and VPN combined in one platform

NetFoundry AppNets

Spin up private, application-aware overlay networks (AppNets) anywhere to connect anything, managed and hosted by NetFoundry, or self-hosted and self-managed.

NetFoundry Edge

Integrate zero trust networking into your software with NetFoundry SDKs, or extend zero trust networking anywhere with NetFoundry software endpoints.

NetFoundry Web Console & APIs

Centralize identities, controls and telemetry, across all your customer connections, for all use cases.  Automate network deployments, management and upgrades. 

NetFoundry Zero Trust

Including identities, PKI, authentication, policy, authorization, mTLS, microsegmentation, posture and MFA. Built-in CA and IdP, with options to integrate with others.

NetFoundry Features

mTLS and E2E Encryption

Gain mTLS and end-to-end encryption without deploying PKI or service mesh. Session by session encryption with endpoint sovereign private keys, for every use case.

Secure Identities

Replace IP address dependencies with integrated identities via bootstrapped X.509 certificates, including JIT remote access and ongoing certificate management.


AppNets are microsegmented, software-only, application-aware overlay networks which don't allow connections which have not been fully identified, authenticated and authorized.

Invisible and Unreachable

Your data is invisible to and unreachable from the underlay networks.  Close all inbound firewall ports, and eliminate perimeter device vulnerability. 

Embeddable Zero Trust

Embed multi-cloud native, zero trust networking directly into your software via NetFoundry SDKs, eliminating the need to deploy separate agents or gateways


Quality and Performance

The overlay networking builds in low latency routing across multiple tier one backbones, HA, load balancing, dynamic routing and telemetry data. 



The Zero Trust Networking Platform

Build Overlays

Spin up secure private overlay networks (AppNets) in minutes, connecting anything to anything.


Embed Networking

Embed zero trust in your products via NetFoundry SDKs (agentless) or software endpoints (any device, OS, edge, cloud).


Connect Securely

Microsegmentation, mTLS, E2E encryption and performance optimized networking for any use case. 


Manage Connectivity

Web console consolidates all zero trust and networking controls, across all customers, with centralized identities, policies and telemetry.


Industrial networking

NetFoundry enables zero trust networking and connectivity for smart connected products, enabling deployment in industrial IT, OT, and field environments.

Secure by Design

Ease of Integration - Add NetFoundry SDKs to your software for agentless zero trust, use software-only agents, or leverage NetFoundry powered browsers, firewalls and reverse proxies. 

Flexibility - Deploy across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments, for all use cases, including JIT remote access, edge to cloud and APIs.

Unparalleled Security - NetFoundry’s zero trust principles eliminate vulnerabilities by closing all open ports, implementing microsegmentation, and enforcing continuous authentication.

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  • Product Experience
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  • Low latency networking
  • Built-in zero trust connectivity
  • Close all inbound ports
  • mTLS, encryption, microsegmentation
  • Support all use cases
  • Simplify operations
  • Web console controlled networking

Drive Connected Product Sales

Minimize Friction and Strengthen Security

NetFoundry’s secure by design networking meets your customers' strictest security requirements, and drastically simplifies operations.

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NetFoundry Minimize IT and Sales Friction

Zero Trust Your Way

Spin up your software-only network anywhere, with any deployment model, for any use case.

NetFoundry Cloud Private

NetFoundry hosted and managed overlay network (private and dedicated). Deploy endpoints anywhere.


Self-hosted, NetFoundry Managed

Self-hosted or hybrid network, managed by NetFoundry. Deploy endpoints anywhere.


Self-hosted, self-managed

Self-hosted and self-managed network for any enviro, including air gapped.



NetFoundry open sourced OpenZiti, and is the project maintainer.  OpenZiti is the Linux of secure networking - the leading open source development and integration platform for zero trust networking and connectivity.

The project provides the software required to implement a secure by design overlay network - an overlay network with zero trust built into the overlay networks.  Use them as standalone networks, or embed the networks into your software.

Get OpenZiti

  • Developers: Embed zero trust Internet overlays in your products and applications
  • Operators: Zero trust networking without VPNs, bastions and firewall management
  • Security: close all inbound firewall ports


  • Developers: Embed zero trust Internet overlays in your products and applications
  • Operators: Zero trust networking without VPNs, bastions and firewall management
  • Security: Close all inbound firewall ports and make your digital assets invisible and not attackable