NetFoundry BrowZerNET

Embed Zero Trust Security

In Any Web Application

Automatically integrate zero trust networking into any Chromium-based solution without any changes to your web application granting access to only trusted identities.

No Special Browser

No Browser Extensions

No Agent

No Server Visible On The Internet

No Open Ports

No VPN or Bastions

Secure Your Non-Federated Web Applications

With No Changes To Your Browser or Application and No VPN.

Use existing browser with no modifications - not even extensions.
Instant compliance for all web apps including build-in IdP, MFA and encryption.
Web server made unreachable from internet. No open inbound ports to your webserver, not even 443.
Secures Web UIs of any system including switches, routers and operational systems.

Secure Web Apps Lacking SAML,
OpenID, & OAuth Support

Enable SSO Without Modifying Web Apps

Organizations can enable SSO, enhanced security, and compliance with browZerNET using modern identity providers for web apps lacking native support, without costly WAM solutions or modifying the web app.

Secure Embedded Web UIs in IIoT

BrowZerNet uniquely enhances web interfaces on embedded servers in IIoT and OT environments, securing browser access across devices and networks.


Security Simplification

Enables direct, secure web application access in private networks without VPNs or bastion hosts.

Zero Trust Access

Facilitates web application access through a zero trust framework and overlay network, eliminating the need for browser modifications or extensions.

Authentication and Privilege Control

Implements authenticate-first, least privilege policies to safeguard web application access.



Regulates user and device access to applications and services based on verified identities and roles.

The Future of Enterprise and IIoT Web App Access

Zero-Trust Private Overlay Networks

By controlling access to your web apps with trusted identities rather than a security perimeter, you can eliminate most vulnerabilities and avoid buying and maintaining costly security clouds.

Agentless Zero Trust

Use Your Browser and Web App "As Is"

Users can access your web application through their standard Chrome browser on any device without needing extra software or changes. The solution provides inherent overlay security, enabling zero trust access without necessitating developer modifications.

Who It’s For

• Connected Product Manufacturers: Ensure secure internal access for machine and device management via web applications, enhancing operational security.

• Legacy Software Providers: Simplify secure access and management for on-premise, non-SSO web applications within corporate environments.

• Software Startups: Easily integrate Zero Trust security into web applications, offering a straightforward alternative to complex SSO frameworks for efficient access management.

• Internal/Legacy Applications: Provide secure, seamless access to internal and legacy web apps without external internet risks or complex IT oversight, bypassing the need for SSO/IdP/MFA.

Start Using browZerNet

If you’re interested in running your Chromium-based Web Application on a zero trust Internet-overlay network, please join our Beta program. NetFoundry browZerNet is an overlay mesh network that includes the browZer bootstrapper


Why Our Customers

Use browZerNET

Take web servers off the Internet to protect non-federated web applications

  • Make any web server and web application completely invisible to the internet.
  • Eliminate the need for VPNs, firewalls or SSH bastion hosts.
  • Leave no incoming ports open to the internet.

Provide secure web application access to authorized users ONLY

  • Turn off general access to any non-federated web applications.
  • Grant access to web application users (whitelist) using only trusted identities.

browZerNET Features

✅ Secure web browser access: Secure access to any web application using trusted identity.

✅ Zero trust: User connection is continuously authenticated and authorized.

✅Agentless: Easy to spin up, configurable, programmable and scalable.

✅ Open source: Part of OpenZiti browZer project on GitHub.

✅ Identity integration: Integrates with your IdP.

✅ End-to-end encryption: browZerNET encrypts all your web traffic using mTLS.

✅ Easy to use: Set up and configured via NetFoundry Admin Console.

✅ Self-hosted or NetFoundry hosted: Use open source download or use NetFoundry NaaS.

✅ Free trial available: Free private network available to secure and test your web application.

browZerNET Architecture