Agentless Zero Trust Networking

App developers, SaaS providers, ISVs, and solution providers can now easily embed zero trust networking inside apps

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Embed agentless zero trust networking:


Step 1: choose your Ziti SDK

Use the SDKs, sample apps and GitHub links at NetFoundry open sourced all the Ziti SDKs to give you ultimate flexibility and investment protection. No DNS redirect and PAC file configuration complexity.  Embedded, end-to-end zero trust.

Step 2: add the code to your app

The Ziti SDK code interacts with the framework your app uses to send packets towards the network.  NetFoundry provides all the zero trust networking functions as a service, including secure identity, authentication, authorization, encryption and optimized routing across the NetFoundry Fabric.

Step 3: enjoy agentless zero trust

All infrastructure, including certificate-based identity, authentication, encryption and transport over the global, zero trust, performance optimizing NetFoundry Fabric is provided by NetFoundry as a service.

Agentless zero trust networking


Enjoy end-to-end control of your app across any set of networks, edges and clouds. The NetFoundry Fabric, managed and hosted by NetFoundry as NaaS, gives you an on-demand private network by which to extend and scale your app without adding infrastructure.

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Security without infrastructure

Eliminate complex firewalls, VPNs, MPLS, private mobile APNs and telco dependencies. Your customers can enjoy your app without deploying and managing infrastructure, and without even deploying agents.  Manage everything via web console or API.


Each of your customers or services gets unique AppWANs, defined in software. Each AppWAN has least privileged access, can't access other AppWANs, and doesn't depend on IPs - you can manage multiple devices at the same 10.10.x.y address and it wouldn't matter!

Improve sales

Sell and scale your app without infrastructure slowing you or your customers down. Use zero trust networking to sell into the most security conscious verticals.  Extend into new edge or cloud environments, on demand, without any CapEx.

The only solution for end-to-end zero trust networking

Agent based secure networking can be complex and costly. But why not use DNS redirect like the old agentless solutions?

  1. DNS redirect is too complex. PAC file based configuration and troubleshooting DNS on user machines is a massive support burden for IT, and often results in a bad user experience.
  2. DNS re-direct is not a secure end-to-end solution.  The result of the redirect is just an insecure tunnel to a provider's cloud.

NetFoundry's embedded zero trust networking provides the only simple, end-to-end, agentless zero trust networking solution.

Your customers need secure, private networking. They don't want to deploy agents or gateways, to manage complex firewalls and to become network engineers. Innovative developers, ISVs, SaaS and solution providers are using the NetFoundry solution to solve this dilemma by embedding zero trust networking into the app.  Built-in replaces bolted-on.

NetFoundry's software and Fabric provide all of the secure networking capabilities including: certificate-based identification; bi-directional authentication; authorization with least privileged access; zero trust transport across the NetFoundry Fabric.

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