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Network as a Service (NaaS)

IT wants to minimize the costs of managing network infrastructure, but needs control of secure, high performance networking. That's why NetFoundry reinvented NaaS to remove the telco, hardware and circuit handcuffs, and put IT in full control:

● IT centrally controls cloud orchestrated networking via your choice of web portal, APIs or your existing DevOps tools.
● Global networking infrastructure managed by NetFoundry as NaaS - no SD-WAN controller, circuit or hardware deployments.
● Use any network provider and works with any WAN, without disruption

  • “At the onset of Covid-19, our NetFoundry platform enables us to configure and activate our entire staff for remote access to various on premise local workstations & servers in under 2 hours with a range of permissions per users and/or group and no hardware deployment. In the last few days it has been a life saver.”
    Shawn Campion
    CEO, Integro Technologies
  • “We are seeing increased demand from our customers for greater security, control, & flexibility for their IoT private networks. Our partnership with NetFoundry allows us to satisfy those requirements.”
    Bryan Lube
    President, Integron
  • “Creating an identity-secured end-to-end environment based on identity for devices and secure core transport to the edge is necessary for IoT to gain adoption. Neustar and NetFoundry together provide a highly secure, highly manageable and recoverable environment to secure communications between any and all parties.”
    Hank Skorny
    SVP of IoT, Neustar
  • “Integrating our IoT Edge solution with NetFoundry SDKs enables customers to meet their goals without the hassle of deploying VPNs, firewalls, or proprietary hardware. We can jointly be deployed as part of golden image on any IoT or edge device to provide our customer a turn-key solution which is secure, scalable and future-proof.”
    Paul Edrich
    CTO, IMS Evolve
  • “Our partnership with NetFoundry is accelerating our business outcomes and our ability to deliver innovative new solutions to our customers. By integrating NetFoundry’s zero trust platform capabilities into our analytics solutions deployed at the edge, TOOQ is transforming the retail industry in Brazil by delivering unique insights into customer behavior powered with live data.”
    Ronaldo Moura
  • “NetFoundry's cloud native networking has been the perfect match to aid FWD on our digital transformation and cloud-native application journey. In the current pandemic situation, although our usage has multiplied, NetFoundry easily scaled to cater to our demands to facilitate work from home in a few simple clicks, for both internal users and external parties.”
    Shilpa Tumma
    Information Security Officer, FWD

NaaS with Zero Trust SASE Security and High Performance

● Zero Trust SASE 
● At least 2x VPN performance for most apps, across the NetFoundry performance optimizing Fabric (controlled by you, with the infrastructure managed by NetFoundry as NaaS)
● The only NaaS which provides end-to-end security and performance via NetFoundry software for IoT devices, mobiles, IT devices and application embedded.

The result is IT controls your private software defined network, from anywhere to anywhere, without buying, deploying and managing the underlying infrastructure:


Private connections to the cloud

● More secure than MPLS, VPN or SD-WAN (zero trust, SASE security)

● Better performance than MPLS, VPN or SD-WAN (2x for most use cases). No backhaul - direct cloud connections.

● Pre-built endpoints for AWS and Azure, available on their marketplaces.

● Easily deploy via web console or tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform, Azure Resource Manager, Jenkins and Ansible

● Multi-cloud networking across clouds including AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Alibaba, Digital Ocean, CoreSite

● Micro-segmented, least privileged access so IT admins (and DevOps tools) can securely connect without bastion hosts or VPNs

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