Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

NetFoundry simplifies ZTNA

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How simple? You will be up and running in minutes.  The software-only, as-a-service platform means you control your network without building it.  

Replace your VPN

Serve all protocols, apps, use cases, endpoints and clouds from one platform, rather than adding a new solution on top of your old VPN.

Improve security and performance

Endpoints dynamically optimize traffic over the NetFoundry Zero Trust Fabric with app specific networking to eliminate backhaul.

  • “At the onset of Covid-19, our NetFoundry platform enables us to configure and activate our entire staff for remote access to various on premise local workstations & servers in under 2 hours with a range of permissions per users and/or group and no hardware deployment. In the last few days it has been a life saver.”
    Shawn Campion
    CEO, Integro Technologies
  • “Our partnership with NetFoundry is accelerating our business outcomes and our ability to deliver innovative new solutions to our customers. By integrating NetFoundry’s zero trust platform capabilities into our analytics solutions deployed at the edge, TOOQ is transforming the retail industry in Brazil by delivering unique insights into customer behavior powered with live data.”
    Ronaldo Moura
  • “NetFoundry's cloud native networking has been the perfect match to aid FWD on our digital transformation and cloud-native application journey. In the current pandemic situation, although our usage has multiplied, NetFoundry easily scaled to cater to our demands to facilitate work from home in a few simple clicks, for both internal users and external parties.”
    Shilpa Tumma
    Information Security Officer, FWD
  • “The level of efficiency OSM Maritime gains from working with an innovator like NetFoundry can't be overstated. It is critical to give our org the ability to access all apps and to have this access secure is no longer optional but a must. For that reason, we have decided to work with NetFoundry.”
    Chakib Abi Saab
    CTO, OSM Maritime Group

ZTNA as the foundation of secure networking

The NetFoundry ZTNA platform combines the benefits of enabling you to choose any Internet-access, while getting private networking for any use case, including remote access, cloud, multicloud, IoT, edge, SaaS, branch, private DC, and B2B extranet connectivity.

NetFoundry’s ZTNA solutions are built on these core principles:

Secure identity – NetFoundry establishes a secure trust environment with X.509 credentials and leverages secure identity-based networking. The solution is embedded - all of your devices get a secure identity without you needing to build PKI type infrastructures.
Authenticate before connect - endpoints cannot connect until they have been authenticated with their secure identities, including build in posture checks. Essentially, there is no network available to endpoints until they are properly identified and authenticated.
Least privileged access – endpoints and users can only access the specific services and applications which the organization’s policy permit.
Posture checks - Integrated posture checks and endpoint security ensures compliance with organizational policies.
Zero Trust Network Fabric - Fabric Routers secure all application sessions and enable you to close all inbound ports. Routers are managed by NetFoundry as-a-service and controlled by your policies via web console or API.
Unify zero trust networking, SD-WAN and SASE - cloud native, API-first platform to move towards SASE in a simple manner. NetFoundry provides both the functions and the ability to migrate in an iterative manner.


Zero Trust Network Access Drives Innovation

NetFoundry is the leading provider of integrated zero trust network access and web security (SASE) solutions. In this paper learn how the Netfoundry approach implements a cloud native zero trust platform delivered as Network-as-a-Service to accelerate innovation and digital initiatives.

NetFoundry ZTNA solutions provide IT with the controls to securely connect people and devices to the services they need to access, and to drive agility, innovation, and flexibility for the modern business.

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