Zero trust OT, IoT and edge

Simple, secure IoT management and networking

Connect anything to anything, without VPNs or bastions. Gain strong security against ransomware, data exfiltration, DDoS and botnets. Built for IoT and available in self-hosted open source and managed SaaS options (with hosted network fabrics):

IoT management and networking

Simple IoT management and networking

  • Like being on the IoT device, locally. SSH and RDP natively supported. Low latency, smooth console sessions. Snappy database queries.
  • Single solution for IoT management and networking. Ziti endpoints extend your overlay anywhere including agentless, Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry Pi, OpenWRT, servers and clouds.
  • Close all inbound firewall ports. Eliminate dependencies on static public IPs and port forwarding. All sessions authenticated in the background via X.509s.  Eliminate VPNs and bastions.
simple IoT management and networking
secure iot management and networking

Secure IoT management and networking

  • Built-in X.509 certificate authentication to private IoT network overlay with botnet and DDoS protection.
  • No open inbound firewall ports to minimize the attack surface, with microsegmentation to help protect against data exfiltration.
  • Mutual TLS (mTLS), encryption and least privileged access. Learn more about the zero trust networking here.

Low latency IoT management and networking

  • Route each session to its individual destination, directly from the device. Eliminate VPN backhaul, which also reduces cloud egress costs and unnecessary hops.
  • Low latency. Full mesh, multipoint networking with automatic dynamic routing to use the best connections across multiple tier one networks for each session.
  • The zero trust network overlay security model enables use of any network so networks with the best latency, bandwidth and throughput are securely used (even WiFi).
low latency iot networking and management
flexible iot networking

Flexible IoT management and networking

  • Software-only and cloud orchestrated, with open source and SaaS options (includes managed IoT network overlay).
  • Zero trust endpoints for any app (SDK-embedded), device, edge or cloud.
  • Use public cellular (eliminate private APN) and WiFi. 3rd parties enable your IoT devices on their networks because the architecture secures their networks.

Low cost, high velocity IoT management and networking

  • Software-only solution eliminates extra security and networking hardware, VPNs, bastions.
  • Deploy in minutes, across any set of edges and clouds.
  • Use public cellular (eliminate private APN) and WiFi to reduce costs and accelerate deployments. Customers and partners enable your IoT devices on their networks because your security model secures their networks.
high velocity, low cost IoT networking and management

Case Study: IoT Management and Networking for Azure Private Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC)

azure mec IoT networking and management

Simple, secure management of Azure Private MEC edge servers, IoT devices and applications. Easily connect Azure Private MEC with any other site, SD-WAN or MPLS-WAN.  Leverage cloud based EMS and observability tools.  Mitigate against ransomware, data exfiltration, botnets and DDoS attacks.  It all adds up to simple edge and IoT management and network without VPNs or open inbound firewall ports.

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Case Study: Connected Vehicles Without Public IP addresses

The platform from NetFoundry, Capgemini and Arm means vehicles leverage any connectivity, but are not reachable from network based ransomware and botnets. The vehicles don't even need public IP addresses, and existing in-vehicle compute is leveraged. This enables secure use of WiFi for bandwidth-intensive data operations, and the ability to use private MNO networks without being forced to backhaul all data to one location. Microsegemented IoT management and secure networking for OTA updates and data exfiltration prevention.

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connected car iot networking and management

Case Study: Retail IoT without dedicated networks or devices

smart retail analytics IoT networking

TOOQ provides smart data solutions for the retail sector without retailers needing to deploy power-hungry networking and security servers, which also take up space and generate noise. Instead, retailers leverage the solution from TOOQ and NetFoundry so they can reuse their existing compute, or small footprint devices like Nvidia Jetson and Raspberry Pi.

The TOOQ NetFoundry software-only solution simplifies rollouts and management of IoT endpoints, closes inbound firewall ports (prevents ransomware and botnets), mitigates against data exfiltration, and provides zero trust IoT networking without VPNs or private mobile APNs.

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