NetFoundry celebrated Prometheus Day by releasing the first zero trust Prometheus branch, building zero trust networking into Prometheus. This enables users to securely scrape anything from anywhere, without the albatross of VPNs, bastions and open inbound firewall ports.

NetFoundry eliminated the ‘day two’ security and networking baggage by embedding OpenZiti zero trust software into Prometheus, which is used in 86% of all cloud projects, according to the Cloud Native Computing Forum.

Early adopters such as CI/CD automation provider Ozone uses the solution to securely connect into their customer networks, eliminating the security vulnerabilities of open inbound ports and complex firewall rules.

Moteesh Reddy, Ozone technical lead, said: “OpenZiti allowed us to innovate and drive new business with a competitive edge. Today, Ozone is the only CI/CD tool that automates private cluster deployments across any platform providing customers with zero trust, secured application delivery for private Kubernetes clusters.”

Dave Hart, CTO & Co-Founder of NetFoundry, said: “Using OpenZiti, we gave Prometheus the superpowers to scrape any target regardless of where that target is or what network it is on.  This helps ops teams get the agility, velocity and automation they need, while the security team gets the strongest security – done the best way – by design and invisible to the operational teams.”

In addition to contributing the zero trust Prometheus branch, NetFoundry has contributed zero trust branches of open source tools such as Helm and Kubectl.  Other developers have used OpenZiti for a wide range of use cases, including:

The reason developers and operators can use the OpenZiti platform to insert zero trust into such a wide range of apps is OpenZiti provides developers and operators with all the functions necessary to build zero trust networking into apps and solutions, including identity, authentication, authorization, encryption, policy, least privileged access, and programmable, app-embedded software defined networking.  With SDKs (for agentless zero trust), and prebuilt endpoints for every OS and cloud (available in their marketplaces), developers and operators use OpenZiti anywhere.

The OpenZiti zero trust networking platform is available as open source, and NetFoundry also provides OpenZiti as a SaaS service, free for up to 10 nodes.

Start now with zero trust Prometheus and be scraping in minutes – securely with no open inbound firewall ports, VPNs or network engineering.

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