Case Study: SAP on Azure Networking


“With NetFoundry we were able to easily and securely connect our sites to SAP on Azure via the Internet by installing a client or deploying a virtual machine gateway.  We got improved security with fine grain network policy definitions down to the user level and gained noticeable improvements in SAP application performance”

Kristofferson De Ocampo
Head of Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure and Operations, Ayala


Ayala needed a private network solution for SAP on Azure. Deploying a traditional private network via dedicated circuits or VPN tunnels didn’t meet their needs for agility, security, performance or cost. Ayala chose the new alternative to private networking: software defined, zero trust networking via NetFoundry’s platform and NaaS solution.

Ayala spun up the SAP on Azure access in hours, using software clients for user and admin machines, virtual gateways for sites and NetFoundry’s Azure gateways from the Azure Marketplace.  Ongoing SAP management and administration has become simpler and more secure with application-specific, micro-segmented networks (“AppWANs”), managed via web console to enforce policies for groups with different access requirements.

NetFoundry’s global Fabric, delivered as part of the solution as NaaS, enabled Ayala to get high performance and reliability from local Internet connections. NetFoundry’s Fabric is deployed across multiple tier one ISPs, and the NetFoundry software endpoints dynamically route across the best paths.  This means Ayala’s data to SAP on Azure takes a short on-ramp on to the NetFoundry Fabric, via Ayala’s Internet providers at different sites, and then leverages the NetFoundry Fabric to go all the way to SAP on Azure (where the NetFoundry virtual Azure gateways are deployed).  Meanwhile, Ayala maintains single pane of glass SAP control and visibility, via the NetFoundry console and APIs, regardless of the different ISPs that Ayala uses at different sites.