Case Study: VPN to Zero Trust Azure Cloud

Background: This national company was digitally transforming to the cloud and saw that they were being held back by traditional network approaches which caused security and performance challenges.

Challenge: Their existing VPN solution was identified as causing performance challenges and impacting user productivity when connecting to various cloud-based apps and om- premise apps while also posing a security threat due to recent attacks in KSA combined with recent deficiencies, attacks, and backdoors into VPNs.

Objective: Enable secure, reliable, and cloud-native connectivity over existing internet connections that enable the company to improve agility while embracing state-of-art cloud-native technology for all users.

Launch a network transformation program where VPN is phased out and replaced by NetFoundry ́s cloud-native networking solution enabling the organization to control and enhance their public internet connections for higher security, performance and reliability while maintaining agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness – opposed to private networks, such as MPLS, where they would lose many benefits of the internet such as flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

• Consistent and improved user experience and productivity by providing reliable and consistent connectivity with a 50% improvement in performance

• Lower TCO costs by 35%

• Agility – rapid adaptation to change, e.g. Covid-19 measures required employees to work
from home. The NetFoundry solution made it possible to set-up quickly

• Reduced risk from security by making their network and resources invisible, having
control access per user/group as well as a dashboard panel allowing operation team to observe all traffic