Fight ransomware with Zero Trust Networking

ZTNA helps stop the spread of ransomware

Containing ransomware

Completely blocking ransomware is almost impossible. However, ransomware can be contained.  Ransomware can be isolated - stopped in its tracks - before it can find enough data to block your business.  The best way to stop the spread of ransomware is with a complete zero trust architecture.  On the networking parts of zero trust, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the most effective weapon against ransomware. 

NetFoundry's platform and as-a-service ZTNA provides SaaS, ISV, solution providers, MSPs and IT teams with the 4 key modules needed to isolate ransomware and preserve business continuity:

1. ID

Secure, app-embedded identity. NetFoundry SDKs enable you to embed secure identity in your apps, using X.509 based identities, rather than relying on IP addresses or other weak identity proxies. With full ZTNA, if ransomware tries to "phone home" or spread, then it is denied because it doesn't have the secure embedded identity.

You don't need to build or manage PKI type infrastructure - NetFoundry provides it as a service.

2. Auth

Authenticate before connect. In a complete ZTNA architecture, the wide open WAN is shut down.  There is no data plane connectivity without secure identification and authentication.  Since the ransomware is not securely identified and authenticated, it can not "phone home" or "explore" your WAN for other machines to infect.

Your policies control authentication, and you control it from the cloud via policies, APIs and web console, but you don't need to build or manage it - authentication is provided as a service by NetFoundry.

3. LPALeast privileged access and microsegmentation. The NetFoundry platform provides you with application level microsegmentation. Let's say you are an ISV, SaaS provider or MSP.  Rather than your customers (businesses) needing to give you a wide range of access, via insecure means such as VPNs and firewalls (two of ransomware's favorite targets), your app can natively embed ZTNA such that you can't be a ransomware conduit. 

A business buying the services of a NetFoundry ZTNA enabled ISV, SaaS provider or MSP knows that the least privileged access microsegmentation means that any ransomware attack can't spread.

4. Fabric

Zero Trust Network Fabric. NetFoundry Fabric Routers secure all app sessions and enable you to close all inbound ports. Routers are managed by NetFoundry as-a-service and controlled by your policies via web console or API. The NetFoundry Fabric is the world's largest on-demand software defined network (SDN), and your app securely accesses it from any Internet connection once authenticated & authorized.

The NetFoundry Fabric is critical because it means you no longer need firewalls, SD-WAN controllers and VPNs to be open to the Internet (in recent months, firewalls, SD-WANs and VPNs have been some of the most frequent targets of ransomware and other cyber attacks).

Don't be a ransomware conduit.

SaaS, ISV, solution providers and MSPs need to be able to show businesses how you minimize the risk that your solution can be used as a ransomware conduit.

NetFoundry uniquely enables MSPs, ISVs, SaaS and solution providers to embed ZTNA in your solution so that your solution is fortified against ransomware threats - even before the businesses you serve have migrated to full ZTNA architectures. This is because the NetFoundry platform enables you to extend simple, reliable, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) anywhere your apps go, in an iterative manner, without depending on businesses to finish full ZTNA migrations.

Our software delivers your app over the NetFoundry Fabric, from any Internet access, including agentless zero trust.

  • “At the onset of Covid-19, our NetFoundry platform enables us to configure and activate our entire staff for remote access to various on premise local workstations & servers in under 2 hours with a range of permissions per users and/or group and no hardware deployment. In the last few days it has been a life saver.”
    Shawn Campion
    CEO, Integro Technologies
  • “Our partnership with NetFoundry is accelerating our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. By integrating NetFoundry’s zero trust platform into our IoT and Edge analytics solutions, TOOQ is transforming the retail industry, protecting retailers from threats like ransomware.”
    Ronaldo Moura
  • “NetFoundry's cloud native networking has been the perfect match to aid FWD on our digital transformation and cloud-native application journey. In the current pandemic situation, although our usage has multiplied, NetFoundry easily scaled to cater to our demands to facilitate work from home in a few simple clicks, for both internal users and external parties.”
    Shilpa Tumma
    Information Security Officer, FWD
  • “The level of efficiency OSM Maritime gains from working with an innovator like NetFoundry can't be overstated. It is critical to give our org the ability to access all apps and to have this access secure is no longer optional but a must. For that reason, we have decided to work with NetFoundry.”
    Chakib Abi Saab
    CTO, OSM Maritime Group

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