Solution Embedded ZTNA

ISVs, MSPs, SaaS and solution providers embed zero trust networking to protect your customers from attacks such as ransomware

Embed zero trust networking for the simplest and most secure ransomware protection

ISVs, MSPs, SaaS and solution providers have a dilemma. Your customers need to ensure your services will not be turned into ransomware conduits, and they know VPNs and firewalls are breached constantly by cyberattacks.

You know zero trust is the best defense against threats like ransomware, but zero trust journeys can take years. How do you protect your customers from these attacks in the meantime?

NetFoundry uniquely enables ISVs, SaaS, MSPs and solution providers to immediately protect your customers from ransomware and other threats. The solution is provided as a simple, software-only SaaS service, so you can get started now with a free trial (no credit card required).

Leading ISV, SaaS, MSP and solution providers embed zero trust networking to protect their customers from threats like ransomware:

  • “We are seeing increased demand from our customers for greater security, control, & flexibility for their IoT private networks. Our partnership with NetFoundry allows us to embed zero trust networking to satisfy those requirements.”
    Bryan Lubel
    President, Integron
  • “Integrating our IoT Edge solution with NetFoundry SDKs enables customers to meet their goals without deploying VPNs, firewalls, or proprietary hardware. We can jointly be deployed as software on any IoT device to provide our customer a turnkey, zero trust solution.”
    Paul Edrich
    CTO, IMS Evolve
  • “Our partnership with NetFoundry is accelerating our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. By integrating NetFoundry’s zero trust platform into our IoT and Edge analytics solutions, TOOQ is transforming the retail industry, protecting retailers from threats like ransomware.”
    Ronaldo Moura
  • “Zero trust and least privilege access in a world that is moving towards edge compute and dynamic containerized services is pivotal, which is yet again where NetFoundry scores with its capability to easily integrate ZTNA with automation frameworks via its APIs.”
    Martin Braem
    COO, Klarrio

Leading ISVs, SaaS, MSPs and solution providers protect their customers with embedded ZTNA:

ZTNA for IoT

TOOQ embedded ZTNA in its innovative AIoT analytics solution on Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson, protecting retailers from ransomware while eliminating the need to deploy on-premises servers.

See Case Study


Lemongrass integrated ZTNA to enable its customers to automate SAP cloud migration and management, with the strongest protection from ransomware and other cyberattacks.

See Case Study

ZTNA for cloud

Fujitsu, a leading global ICT SI, adds high performance, zero trust networking to their cloud and hybrid solutions. Both Fujitsu and their customers are protected from threats like ransomware.

See Case Study

Embedded, zero trust ransomware prevention

NetFoundry enables ISVs, SaaS, MSPs and solution providers to immediately protect your customers from ransomware and other threats.

The solution is a simple, software-only SaaS service, so you can get started now with a free trial (no credit card required).


The NetFoundry Fabric is the world's largest zero trust SDN and is managed by NetFoundry as NaaS, giving you a global, on-demand private network by which to extend and scale your apps or services without adding infrastructure.

The Fabric enables your customers to shut down all Internet facing ports such that threats like ransomware can't access your customer's asset via your services or servers.

Strengthen security

NetFoundry's zero trust networking enables Internet-shielded, least privileged access, app-level microsegmentation designed to prevent and isolate attacks like ransomware. There is no network - only securely identified, authenticated, authorized app connections are allowed on the NetFoundry Fabric. All functions are provided by NetFoundry as turnkey SaaS so that you protect your customers immediately.  

1cloudstar netfoundry cloud solutions appwan appwans apac asiaAutomate

ISVs, MSPs, SaaS and solution providers manage all customer instances from the cloud via NetFoundry APIs and web console. Use DevOps tools such as Terraform, Ansible or Jenkins to automate each zero trust solution. Zero trust overlays connect your apps so for example you can manage multiple devices using overlapping RFC 1918 address space and it wouldn't matter! 


The NetFoundry solution is software-only, eliminating VPN, firewall and WAN dependencies, enabling you to sell and scale without infrastructure constraints. NetFoundry's prebuilt integrations enable you to extend zero trust networking into new edge or cloud environment, on demand, in minutes.  Replaces 10s to 1000s of insecure VPNs with one cloud orchestrated, software-only zero trust networking solution.

The only solution for end-to-end zero trust networking

Embedded, end-to-end ZTNA provides the strongest security, and is the simplest way for ISVs, MSPs, SaaS and solution providers to ensure your services are not transformed into ransomware or malware conduits:

NetFoundry is the only ZTNA provider to enable ISVs, MSPs, SaaS and solution providers to easily embed ZTNA inside your apps and services (you can start now with a free trial - no credit card required).

As you see above, nothing is trusted - not even hosts. The overlay app connection traverses NetFoundry Fabric routers, giving you end-to-end security, control and visibility. Ransomware and malware no longer has an entry point - your zero trust application connection is completely dark to the Internet.

As you an see, this is not the bolted-on "zero trust" which everyone else offers (bolted-on DNS redirects, PAC files, device VPNs, firewall configs, etc.). This is built-in ZTNA, code built into your application such that your app is natively zero trust from the second it is deployed.  The overlay app connection will transport your app and nothing else.

NetFoundry's software and Fabric provide you with all of the secure networking capabilities as a SaaS service including: certificate-based identification; bi-directional authentication; authorization with least privileged access; microsegmentation; encryption; and zero trust transport across the NetFoundry Fabric. 

Here's how to get started now with a free trial (start here, no credit card required):

Step 1: choose your Ziti SDK

Use the SDKs at to easily embed ZTNA in your app, service or solution. NetFoundry open sourced the Ziti SDKs to give you ultimate flexibility and investment protection.

This unique agentless approach means your customers are protected from ransomware and other cyber attacks without installing networking agent software, without DNS redirect and PAC file configuration complexity and without relying on device VPNs or GRE tunnels to trombone your data through a provider cloud.

Step 2: embed the code in your app

The SDK code interacts with the framework your app or service uses to send packets towards the network. Once you insert the code, NetFoundry provides all the zero trust networking functions as a SaaS service, including secure identity, authentication, authorization, encryption and optimized routing across the NetFoundry Fabric. This means MSPs, ISVs, SaaS and solution providers can provide your customers with max protection from attacks like ransomware without relying on agents or infrastructure.

Step 3: agentless ZTNA

Regardless of where your customers are in their zero trust journeys, you can now ensure your app, service or solution will not be used as a ransomware or malware conduit.

No more work to manage VPNs and firewalls: they are eliminated. No more work to secure your servers: they now have private connections, shielded from the Internet. No more dependencies on infrastructure: you now have ZTNA as code with NetFoundry providing all the ZTNA services as turnkey SaaS.

Contact us to learn more, see a demo and instantly get started with your own sandbox environment.

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