NetFoundry Zero Trust Fabric

The Fabric provides a global, on-demand, Zero Trust overlay, enabling businesses to close all their inbound firewall ports and deliver their apps across private overlays.

How the Fabric Helps Provide Zero Trust and Close All Inbound Firewall Ports

1. The Fabric creates a dynamic routing mesh between application endpoints and their private Ziti Routers. Each app or endpoint opens outbound only sessions to its private Fabric mesh, after Zero Trust identification, authentication and authorization, enabling all the firewall holes to be closed.

2.Real-time endpoint and router algorithms dynamically route your apps across the Fabric. The patented solution aggressively minimizes latency and packet loss, unlike the more tolerant BGP algorithms which govern other networks. Optimization is done on a session-by-session basis, with scores assessed according to quasi real time performance.

3. The self-healing algorithms adjust to “Internet weather” in real-time. Routes are automatically restored to the Mesh when the condition is resolved. In addition, the Fabric can use optimized long-haul transport protocols to optimize delivery, while the application continues to use its current protocols (so the app gets better performance without needing to change).

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