NetFoundry Zero Trust Edge Fabric for Azure MEC

Agentless NaaS for Azure Public and Private MEC

Empower developers to deploy low-latency apps
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Eliminate infrastructure deployments
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Simplify management and improve visibility
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Zero trust security and compliance
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Edge Compute:
Opportunity and Obstacles

Edge compute can improve user experience, decrease costs and strengthen security. However, managing distributed compute can be difficult. A key challenge is enabling each site to dynamically route different workloads to different compute, without the costs and complexity of VPN, SD-WAN and private mobile APNs.

Microsoft and NetFoundry enable these distributed compute models. NetFoundry provides the zero trust networking as NaaS - no secure networking infrastructure deployments! Businesses reap the benefits of edge and distributed compute, without being saddled with the costs and complexities of secure networking.

Empower developers to easily deploy apps

Zero trust, latency-optimized, dynamic routing from each app or endpoint to Public MEC, Private MEC, Azure and other compute locations.  No backhaul - the app routes each session directly to each location.

Eliminate infrastructure deployments

Use NetFoundry SDK to embed zero trust networking inside the app, as code. No agent or VPN needed! App workloads can now leverage Azure Public MEC, Private MEC and Azure.

Simplify and improve visibility and control

  • Integrations with Azure, Intune, AAD.
  • Diagnostics provide app-level visibility and control.
  • Hosted NaaS simple - orgs don't even deploy network controllers.

Zero trust security and compliance

  • Close all inbound firewall ports for all app and API servers
  • mTLS for any device or app with secure identity and authentication for every workload
  • App-level microsegmentation, including for PCI and HIPAA data

Solution Architecture

Replace VPNs, SD-WAN deployments or private mobile APN dependencies with SaaS. Instant, zero trust networking, with centralized identities, policies and routing across all of your sites.

NetFoundry provides it all as Zero Trust NaaS, including the Fabric. You can also self host with OpenZiti's zero trust networking platform (open source).

Getting Started is Easy

  • Deploy cloud endpoints from Azure marketplaces.
  • Put zero trust software in your app with the NetFoundry SDK, or deploy NetFoundry agents on your IoT or IT devices.
  • Spin up your Zero Trust Edge Fabric via the NetFoundry console

NetFoundry provides it all as NaaS, including the Fabric. You can also self host with OpenZiti's zero trust networking platform (open source).