Replace B2B VPN with zero trust networking

Eliminate the VPNs between your customer sites and your data centers.

Gartner: "By 2022, 80% of new business apps opened to ecosystem partners will move to zero trust".

Replace 100's of VPN's with One Zero Trust Network

Case study

OmniSYS apps are used by pharmacies and hospitals. Previously, OmniSYS customers had to nail up VPNs at every site to bridge RFC 1918 private addressing space. The results:

  • 1. When a VPN went down, it seemed like the OmniSYS app was down.  This was unfortunately very common due to standard VPN inactivity timeout problems.
  • 2. When a VPN hurt the performance of the OmniSYS apps, it seemed to OmniSYS customers like the OmniSYS app was having problems. 
  • 3. OmniSYS's VPN support costs were continually increasing as they won new customers because they had to keep nailing up new VPNs.

OmniSYS chose NetFoundry's zero trust, software defined networking to get out of the VPN business, and instead focus on their products and customers.  The result was better performance, stronger security and a drastic decrease in support costs.

“I am so happy to have found NetFoundry. They are truly exceeding on the delivery of software defined networking by allowing zero trust, secure and reliable communication between our customers and our software services no matter where the client or the host are connected.  It has also allowed us to further secure our front end and back end service without putting a giant burden on our network support team.  Your development, sales and support teams have exceeded my expectations in support and delivery.   Thank you for making me a hero in the eyes of my executive leadership team.”

Todd Doan, Solution Architect, OmniSYS


Turn up new sites in minutes. Gain single pane of glass control and visibility across all your customers.  IP addresses no longer matter!


Get at least 200% performance gain for most apps as compared to VPNs.


VPNs expose you to breaches and third party risk compliance problems. Zero trust networking security closes the doors.


Most orgs save 30% of their support costs and time when they upgrade to zero trust, software defined networking.

Easily extend zero trust networking into any customer environment



Deploy on existing modems, WiFi routers or servers as VMs, containers or appliances - whatever is best for each customer.



Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux.  Take zero trust networking all the way to the application.



Compile your app on our Ziti SDKs to eliminate customer-side endpoints entirely - customer simply installs your app.

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