The NetFoundry platform enables secure networking between any user and any app, regardless of where they are.  This includes work from home VPN replacement. This enables companies to provide the modern version of VPNs to their remote users – but in a simpler, more secure (zero trust), higher performance manner.  In the words of Shawn Campion, CEO of Integro Technologies, a Control Engineering’s System Integrator of the Year and the largest machine vision only company in North America (quote link), who previously used the NetFoundry platform for IoT and Edge Networking, and is now using the same platform for simple, secure remote workers VPN replacement:

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Due to Coronavirus, businesses are in the uncomfortable position of needing to cost effectively and very quickly support remote workers (work from home), while needing to maintain security and performance.  NetFoundry’s work from home VPN replacement solution is helping in all four of those areas:

  1. Cost. We are providing our zero trust Work From Home solution for free through the end of June in most countries.
  2. Simple. Our solution is up and running in minutes.  No hardware.  Cloud-orchestrated.
  3. Secure. Our industry leading zero trust networking solution is more secure than VPN.
  4. Performance. Our solution provides at least 200% performance improvement for most apps compared to VPN.

Contact us to get started now and support your work from home workforce tomorrow.  More details:

Free through the end of June.

NetFoundry will cover the cost for all new secure access solutions.  After June, start with a free trial with no credit card initially required.

Simple.  Be the air traffic controller – not the VPN tunnel digger.  Private data center and public cloud apps.

NetFoundry doesn’t sell you shovels to dig VPNs with.  Trade local configuration for the centralized management of a cloud-orchestrated platform.  The platform enables you to spin up connections, anywhere, in minutes, and manage them centrally.  NetFoundry is cloud optimized with AWS networking optimization and Azure networking optimization, but also enables your private cloud hosted apps.  Unlike most, NetFoundry supports both modern apps and legacy apps – meaning we do not require Active Directory, SAML, SSO or IAM integrations (though we supports them when in place).  Nor does NetFoundry require PKI or certificate loading.  It is all built into the solution.

Secure.  Zero trust addresses known VPN vulnerabilities.

Leading security orgs and governments have warned us against using VPNs for remote users.  Here is the recent warning from the US Government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), warning businesses against increased reliance on VPNs due to Coronavirus induced work from home.  CISA is working on their latest security framework, TIC 3.0, and says it is aligned with zero trust networking architectures.

NetFoundry’s Zero Trust networking, part of a SASE framework, is endorsed by other leading experts, orgs and government organizations as well.  In a nutshell, micro-segmented “NetFoundry AppWANs” only provide network access to specific apps, after they have securely identified, authenticated and authorized.  Learn more about NetFoundry’s industry-leading zero trust networking.

Productivity via high performance networking.

VPNs notoriously impair user productivity and application performance. NetFoundry improves it.  The results are at least 200% improvement for most apps, as compared to VPN.  This is because the Internet itself (more specifically BGP and TCP) doesn’t optimize performance.  NetFoundry’s Global Fabric, delivered as NaaS, optimizes performance with direct routing and every endpoint using patent pending dynamic routing to find the best paths across the Fabric.  NetFoundry’s Fabric is accessed, automatically, from any Internet connection.  As an example, NetFoundry was selected by Microsoft as 1 of just 5 networking solutions in the world to optimize Office 365 networking.

Contact us to get started now and support your work from home workforce tomorrow.

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