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Embrace the next normal with true zero trust networking from NetFoundry and overcome the constraints of legacy networks as you implement your long-term work from anywhere strategy.

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vpn replacement
  • Software-only solution for simple, secure access to all apps.
  • 200%+ performance improvement for most apps.
  • Zero trust network access with micro-segmentation. 
  • Direct, latency optimized path from user to app.
  • NetFoundry manages infrastructure as NaaS 

"NetFoundry does not just provide companies with an alternative to costly VPNs, it also provides them with faster, more agile, and more secure connectivity (link)."

Kerwin Malabanan, Managing Director, Fasttrack.

The hybrid workplace is the next normal.

Learn how our partners provide zero trust networking solutions to connect and secure the next normal.


Microsoft chose NetFoundry as 1 of only 6 networking solutions in the world to optimize Office 365.

Use the same solution to optimize remote worker productivity - replace performance impairing VPNs with high performance networking.

Zero trust security replaces VPN vulnerabilities

No Authentication = No Network

Until secure authentication, there is no data path, providing true zero trust networking security. NetFoundry includes build-in, fully managed, bi-directional secure certificate validation to authenticate every endpoint. 

Secure Authentication = Zero Trust App Access

Users never get a full network connection!  Users only get access to specific authorized applications (micro-segmented, least privileged access).  All assets remain dark due to NetFoundry's Fabric routers. The Fabric is controlled by your policies, while being managed by NetFoundry as NaaS.

Zero trust with micro-segmentation

VPNs provide access to entire networks. However, contractors, vendors or remote workers only only need access to specific apps. NetFoundry's micro-segmentation only provides access to the specific apps, greatly strengthening security and compliance.


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Azure Case Study

NetFoundry Enables The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia with Secure, Reliable, Cloud Connectivity.

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