Secure networking as built-in software instead of bolted-on infrastructure


NetFoundry's Ziti platform enables 100s of orgs, including 5 of the Fortune 50, to build secure networking into solutions, as software.

This provides simple, secure networking for any use case, including B2B, APIs, multicloud and IoT.

Cybersecurity, AI, critical infrastructure and other providers extend zero trust networking to their customers with radically stronger security.

CloudZiti SaaS delivers 100s of millions of zero trust networking sessions per year.

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CloudZiti is built on the OpenZiti open source zero trust networking platform

  • “We are committed to protecting our clients’ data. Partnering with NetFoundry isn’t just a way to accomplish this, but the best way.”
    Steve Lindsey
    CIO, Liveview Technologies (LVT)
  • “Businesses can use NetFoundry's Ziti platform to simplify network management, and enable zero trust networking for applications running at the edge on Azure public MEC and Azure regions.”
    Ross Ortega
    VP, Azure for Operators
  • “Integrating our IoT solution with NetFoundry SDKs enables IoT networking without VPNs or proprietary hardware. We can jointly be deployed as software on any IoT device to provide customers with simple solutions.”
    Paul Edrich
    CTO, IMS Evolve
  • “By integrating NetFoundry’s zero trust platform into our IoT and Edge analytics solutions, TOOQ is transforming the retail industry.”
    Ronaldo Moura
  • PliantCloud Alliance Technology Group netfoundry appwan zero trust fintech
    NetFoundry extends the WAN all the way to the application endpoint without CPE, over the Internet. We integrated NetFoundry’s AppWANs into the networking solutions we sell to financial institutions to enable them to meet their strict regulatory and security requirements.
    Chris Williams
    VP at PliantCloud, Alliance Technology Group

Develop once. Deploy anywhere.

Use the Ziti SDKs to embed multicloud native, zero trust networking into your app.

Toss the VPN and close all inbound firewall ports (and enable your customers to). Agentless zero trust networking, built into your solution.

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Extend Zero Trust overlay networks to any use case via OpenZiti open source zero trust networking, or CloudZiti hosted SaaS:


See how Oracle uses Ziti ZTNA to secure Kubernetes APIs and make Oracle Autonomous Database unreachable from the networks.

Arm and Capgemini

See how Arm, Capgemini and NetFoundry team up to secure connected cars and autonomous vehicles via zero trust networking.


See how Microsoft uses Ziti to connect Azure Private MEC, and why this Microsoft post named NetFoundry as 1 of 4 zero trust networking partners.

Integrate zero trust network overlays into your solution, as code

Secure APIs

Extend zero trust networking to APIs, without VPNs or whitelisted IPs. API clients use the Internet, while your API gateways or servers are secured - not accessible from unauthenticated clients. Embed the zero trust trust network overlay in your APIs and close all your inbound firewall ports.

Learn more: Zero trust APIs

Secure IoT

Zero trust management and multicloud delivery without static IP addresses, open firewall ports or VPNs. Eliminate truck rolls by supporting all protocols, including performance-optimized RDP. Includes X.509 certificate auth and full mutual TLS (mTLS). Your IoT servers are no longer open to the Internet.

Learn more: Zero trust IoT

Agentless zero trust

Deliver apps via app-embedded (no agent) zero trust Internet overlays. Includes apps, browsers and proxies. Enables you to solve unmanaged devices, B2B, VDI, and multicloud, without touching devices. Close all firewall ports, and eliminated all VPNs, your servers are protected, for every use case.

Learn more: Zero trust networking use cases

Developers: embed zero trust Internet overlays in your apps.

Operators: zero trust networking without VPNs, bastions and firewall management.

Security: close all inbound firewall ports.

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