Cloud hosted SAP made secure, agile, and reliable

NetFoundry & Lemongrass partner to optimize cloud hosted SAP

Partnership Overview

Lemongrass is a global system integrator who helps enterprises simplify, optimize and automate SAP on AWS deployments. With NetFoundry, Lemongrass provides simple, software only zero trust networking for their customers’ SAP initiatives, strengthening security while removing infrastructure costs.

SAP on AWS Solution Overview

  • NetFoundry provides software microsegmented, least privileged access connections for each SAP user, admin and service "NetFoundry SAP AppWANs". These NetFoundry SAP AppWANs enable customers to eliminate less secure VPN and firewall deployments, replacing them with zero trust security which is far more effective in thwarting attack vectors such as ransomware. Rather than grant a supply chain partner, franchisee, API or microservice access to everything via VPNs or firewall rules, least privileged access, zero trust networking means each entity can only access what it specifically needs. Businesses get private SAP networking from any Internet connection, leveraging the most secure Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) architecture.
  • The integration between Lemongrass and NetFoundry automates and simplifies the solution. SAP AppWANs can be spun up and down, on demand, via web console and API. Standard DevOps and cloud management tools like Terraform and Cloud Formation automate the solution.
  • The NetFoundry Fabric, used by the SAP apps from any Internet connection, enables end-to-end, zero trust, high performance networking.  No hardware deployments are needed, and the Fabric is managed by NetFoundry as NaaS, included in the solution from Lemongrass and NetFoundry.

Lemongrass and NetFoundry in the AWS Marketplace

Natively built on AWS, the Lemongrass S4 Landscape accelerator uses a combination of AWS services, Lemongrass MiCloud platform services, and NetFoundry integration to create a fully integrated and seamless experience for customers.