Secure, Agile, and Performant Cloud Migrations

NetFoundry & Lemongrass Partner to Meet the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Partnership Overview

Lemongrass Consulting is a global system integrator whose goal is to help SAP-centric enterprises improve through adoption of digital technology such as HANA, mobility, and AWS public cloud. They enlisted NetFoundry to provide agile, secure connectivity for their customers’ cloud migration initiatives and resulting migrated workloads.

Lemongrass plans to optimize their customers’ time-to-deployment timescales while streamlining their own processes by engaging with NetFoundry connection technology. Lemongrass automation can enable the rapid deployment of SAP landscapes, however, establishing the customer to AWS connection can sometimes represent both a significant cost and time challenge.

NetFoundry makes it easy to spin up highly secure, performant, edge-to-cloud networks to cloud providers such as AWS over the Internet using web-based orchestration tools and APIs with micro-segmented networks called AppWANs. AppWANs can be deployed to connect anything (from users to ancillary applications) over the Internet, to cloud-migrated workloads with dynamically optimized performance and a robust, multi-dimensional security posture. NetFoundry brings agility, security, and speed that traditional connectivity solutions can’t match and networks can be spun up instantly using virtual gateways that are pre-built for AWS

Solution Overview

Tackling Cloud Migrations Without the Hassle and Headache

  • NetFoundry is a fully automated deployment providing an internet-overlay virtual private network platform consisting of NetFoundry software endpoints.

  • Once this is established, Netfoundry can establish, test and transmit over multiple IPSEC routes over the internet therefore providing 4-5x the performance over a traditional IPSEC providing an MPLS experience with IPSEC setup and costs benefits.

  • NetFoundry also provides deeper functionality and is also protocol aware, able to translate traffic, for example, between IP and UDP to improve connection performance. Additionally the solution provides a full application and perimeter level security layer – for example, can project access to specific port ranges in specific locations or on specific device combinations allowing the introduction of “Zero Trust” network models if required able to wrap each application with a “AppWAN” with specific access, device and geoproxy rule sets.

  • In an SAP deployment this “Mesh” style threaded connection is also beneficial allowing the connection of one to many, for example a customer location being able to connect to 2x AWS connection points over the same solution.

  • If you have specific challenges on network location, performance, security or comms cost (or simply are look to drive more TCO) Netfoundry with Lemongrass can drive significant improvements into the enterprise.
  • Lemongrass and NetFoundry in the AWS Marketplace

    Natively built on AWS, the Lemongrass S4 Landscape accelerator uses a combination of AWS services, Lemongrass MiCloud platform services, and NetFoundry integration to create a fully integrated and seamless experience for customers.


    Partner Case Study

    Lemongrass has reduced their customers’ time-to-deployment and project durations while streamlining their own processes by enlisting NetFoundry. NetFoundry makes it easy to instantly spin up highly secure, performant, edge-to-cloud networks to AWS over the Internet using our web-based orchestration tools and APIs with micro-segmented networks called AppWANs.