NetFoundry™ Announces AWS Marketplace Listing of its NetFoundry™ Platform and Demonstrates Securely Connected Car IoT Solution at re: Invent

Secure, high performance, software-only connectivity to AWS from any internet connection

News Summary:

  • NetFoundry Platform enters the AWS Marketplace with an offer which can extend AWS PrivateLink to any device, site or cloud
  • NetFoundry and Micron show how connected vehicles can be instantly securely connected to AWS and AWS IoT based services at Micron Booth 2822 at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS Nov. 29, 2017.NetFoundryTM, a Tata Communications business incubated in Tata Communications’ ‘Shape the Future’ program, announced at re: Invent that NetFoundry’s MultiCloud software is now available in the AWS Marketplace, enabling customers to instantly and securely connect to AWS from any Internet connection, from their choice of personal devices and virtualized edge gateways.

AWS announced PrivateLink which provides AWS customers with simple, secure AWS to AWS connectivity without VPNs and MPLS. NetFoundry’s solution extends simple, secure, high performance networking to any device or site, such that AWS customers can enjoy the AWS to AWS benefits of PrivateLink, and the AWS to rest of world benefits of NetFoundry.

NetFoundry and Micron are demonstrating their connected vehicle solution at Micron booth 2822 – the solution provides AWS connectivity via the NetFoundry Platform, based on a unique hardware root of trust identity integration with Micron.

NetFoundry MultiCloud Virtual Gateways Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace listing of NetFoundry’s MultiCloud software underscores the maturity and robustness of the award-winning NetFoundry platform, enabling customers to instantly deploy high performance, application-specific networks (AppWANs) secured by zero trust architectures and encryption from any Internet connection. The NetFoundry MultiCloud Gateway can be deployed in any AWS region worldwide, securely connecting those regions to anywhere over a single connection, and enabling customers to spin up on-demand AppWANs for their specific needs, without needing to disrupt their WAN technology or use specific network providers.

Chris Williams, Vice President at PliantCloud, a Division of Alliance Technology Group said, “NetFoundry’s AppWANs are the next logical step of SD-WAN, enabling secure, performant networking to be directly driven by application contexts, and extending the wide area network (WAN) all the way to the application endpoint without CPE or private network requirements. We integrated NetFoundry’s AppWANs into the networking solutions we sell to financial institutions to enable them to meet their strict regulatory and security requirements.”

“AWS customers use the NetFoundry web console to spin up zero trust networks over the Internet in the same simple, on-demand model in which they spin up their AWS virtual machines”, said Galeal Zino, Founder of NetFoundry, “Secure, high-performance networking finally matches the agility of the apps it is built to support.”

Customers can immediately start using the NetFoundry MultiCloud solution, starting with a free 30-day trial, to:

  • Spin-up global networks to AWS, on-demand, connected to any set of endpoints, enabling device-to-cloud, edge-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connectivity
  • Simply manage multi-cloud and multi-network connections from a centralized web console
  • Get strong security and high performance to AWS without the cost and inflexibility of MPLS or private circuits
  • Enjoy a single, extensible solution across IT and IoT needs, for internal and B2B use cases

Secure Connected Vehicles and IoT Devices: From Chip to Cloud

At the AWS re:Invent conference, NetFoundry also highlighted an Edge-to-AWS Connected Car IoT solution in conjunction with Micron’s Authenta™ security technology. Micron, the leader in memory solutions for the auto segment, enhances the NetFoundry solution for the secure connection gap between Internet services and automobiles, using encryption technologies and multiple fail safes to ensure a tamper proof connection.

This type of integration will enable automated device attestation, provisioning, management and updates. IoT devices such as connected cars are then free to use any Internet connection from any Internet provider, with NetFoundry’s zero trust, application micro-segmented networking. For example, a connected vehicle could enable secure bi-directional connectivity to a multitude of systems, vendors and clouds via a single connection, while each party can only access the data which they are specifically authenticated and authorized to access.

This type of secure, application micro-segmented extranet is similar to how companies such as cleverDome have used the NetFoundry software to secure financial transactions, data and applications across multi-business extranets.

About NetFoundry

NetFoundry is leading the next generation of application-specific networking, enabling customers to deploy secure, high performance networks on-demand, as quickly and powerfully as they spin up cloud compute and virtual machines. NetFoundry’s unique, software-only, application-specific networks (“AppWANs”) are developer-first, application-integrated and Internet-native, enabling customers to meet their digital trans-formation needs over any set of networks and clouds, without needing to overhaul their WANs or change network providers. NetFoundry is a Tata Communications business incubated in Tata Communications’ ‘Shape the Future’ program. NetFoundry is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with locations in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore and Singapore.

Technical Note to Editors:
Summary of NetFoundry’s MultiCloud networking:

  • Enterprises can easily and securely connect across any set of clouds and networks, without building private network and VPN extensions to each site, and without requiring CPE or hardware installs
  • Software endpoints instantly connect individual personal and IoT devices across zero-trust, high-performance AppWANs, delivered by the NetFoundry global network fabric
  • The NetFoundry Platform enables you to easily add each IT, IoT or B2B AppWAN on top of your existing WAN and providers, with no disruption or forklift
  • The NetFoundry AppWANs provide enterprise grade security and performance, accessed from your existing broadband Internet providers, with optimized connectivity to each major public cloud environment
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