This week, we published a whitepaper in which we investigate the demands that digital transformation is placing on modern businesses, discuss steps being taken to address those demands, and propose a solution to the greatest roadblock in successfully navigating constant digital change, agile interconnectivity.

How NetFoundry Simplifies Your Digital Transformation

With constant change in applications and infrastructure, network agility is paramount, but networks such as MPLS and the equipment that drives them have remained largely unchanged. While SD-WANs and similar technologies have introduced some abstraction into site-to-site connectivity, they are often location, hardware, and service-provider specific. The modularity that makes thriving in a world of digital transformation possible requires a paradigm shift, where network edges are no longer defined by physical locations, but by applications. In application-specific networking, application endpoints define the edges and application contexts programmatically define the networks.

Net Foundry makes it possible to spin up highly secure, performant, application-specific networks at scale using web-based orchestration tools and APIs. These “AppWANs” abstract the network in the same way that containers and virtual machines abstract applications from underlying compute infrastructure. Moreover, because digital transformation is a gradual process, NetFoundry’s technology and orchestration tools give businesses the ability to meet the needs of the digitally transformed application environment, while interworking with existing networks and systems to continue to serve current needs. As business services are modularized in a transformation cycle, AppWANs can be spun up, segmented, and adjusted in minutes to secure and connect them to the appropriate context within the company ecosystem or over the Internet.

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