Year after year, whatever the current political or economic climate, Thanksgiving always brings families and communities together. So we at NetFoundry would like to take a moment to talk about something else that brings us together every single day – the networks that enable us to work, relax, and socialize.

Ever since Sir Tim Berners-Lee linked hypertext documents and created the beginnings of the World Wide Web back in the 1980s, we’ve become increasingly used to networks. Whether we’re sharing files and documents in the office, or using Wi-Fi at home for listening to music, networks make life easier and connect us to the world.

But as digital transformation promises omni-channel access from anywhere on any device, are networks now beginning to appear a little dated? To take an analogy from a different era, dirt roads were all very well for the horse and cart, but were useless for the motorcar. It feels that way with networks too. While businesses create ever-more sophisticated and feature-rich applications, they still all have to run via clunky, old-fashioned cables and boxes.

All that legacy hardware can really start to hold a business back. It’s expensive and inflexible, and many companies are finding that it can hamper their digital transformation. At a time when businesses should be moving at warp speed, they are still having to set up new circuits with their telco and deploy custom hardware every time they want to move fast, and pray they don’t break things.

That gets to be a real headache for larger, established companies that are trying to compete with agile start-ups muscling into their territory. These enterprises urgently need to maximize performance while keeping the data they hold safe, yet their networks are blocking their progress.

Let’s Talk Turkey: NetFoundry At A Glance

So imagine if anyone could set up a network, without the need for specialist engineering or all that hardware. And without any of the security worries that normally come with networking over the Public Internet. That’s what we’re helping businesses to achieve, and it’s set to be a game-changer.

With NetFoundry, companies can create global networks on-demand. The process literally takes minutes, but it’s more secure and more agile than anything that’s gone before.

Just think about what that means for your business. Instead of the DevOps team having to compromise their thinking to fit your network, suddenly they are free to imagine, create and deploy. So if you’re looking to expand into new markets or whole new territories, you’re good to go.

And because NetFoundry networks simply overlay existing infrastructure, say your WAN or the internet (or both), then you don’t have to pay for any extra circuits. There’s no need for bespoke hardware or specialist engineering. So in comparison with the traditional way of networking, you really are keeping costs to a minimum.

You can manage the networks via web consoles and APIs, so you’ll have full visibility and control too. We’re talking the ability to spin up networks in minutes, while maximizing your security and minimizing expenditure. Now wouldn’t that be something to be thankful for!

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