Oracle Cloud hosted ISV and SaaS providers can now use the NetFoundry zero trust networking SDKs to embed zero trust networking into their apps. This Netfoundry and Oracle solution provides agentless, zero trust, private networking between the providers’ Oracle Cloud regions and their customer sites. Read the complete announcement here.

Most importantly, leveraging the NetFoundry zero trust platform, SaaS providers can gain powerful advantages including:

  • Faster revenue attainment: Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Netfoundry acclerates SaaS user on-boarding by eliminating the need for complex and costly MPLS and/or APN circuitry. SaaS providers can on-board new users of their software hosted in Oracle cloud in minutes and accelerate the time to positive revenue for new accounts.
  • Expand SaaS product capabilities: SaaS providers can “build-in” zero trust security capabilities directly into their software to unlock new premium solution revenue opportunities and reach into new markets.
  • Agility: Saas providers gain unpresended flexibility delivered by NetFoundry’s cloud-native architecture, shifting CapEx to OpEx to better align to business dynamics and growth, all while offloading backend management (cost savings) and staying focused at the forefront of innovation.
  • Optimized User Experience: With its dynamicly optimized routing and global reliability, the Netfoundry Platform eliminates user connectivity issues while delivering true zero trust security. The result is happier customers who scale faster with associated top line and bottom line revenue improvements.

The NetFoundy – Oracle collaboration is built on the close alignment of next-gen solution principles including security-by-design, performance-by-design, superior economics, improved automation, scalability and availability – all core attributes of Oracle Cloud Infrastructures (OCI) and the NetFoundry Secure Networking Platform.

“The cloud represents a huge opportunity for our partner community,” said David Hicks, vice-president, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle. “NetFoundry’s commitment to innovation with the Oracle Cloud and quality execution will help our mutual customers receive cloud-enabled networking solutions, ready to meet their critical business needs.” 1

Much like how OCI offers software-defined services to deliver agility and scalability for compute, storage and application services, NetFoundry makes zero trust networking programmatic and highly agile with cloud native orchestration and infrastructure managed as-a-service.

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