The 3rd wave of infrastructure transformation is upon us

At Netfoundry we believe digital transformation requires network transformation.  And we are not alone with this perspective. See IDC’s Enterprise Network Infrastructure Market at a Glance and this post by ZK research. Businesses quickly adopted SaaS – a transformation in software. Followed quickly by the adoption of Cloud IaaS that delivered unprecedented agility and scalability to data center infrastructure. The transformation brought on by cloud is continuing to change the world in ways never imagined even three years ago.

In the latest and third transformation, forward looking innovative organizations are now using Cloud Native Zero Trust Networking Platforms to orchestrate and manage their networks to support today’s massively distributed landscape of remote users (WFH), devices, applications, and of course multiple clouds.  Check out this paper that describes how NetFoundry is driving network transformation to enable IT to securely connect people and devices to the services they need to access.

NetFoundry is leading this third wave of transformation with a cloud native platform approach founded in zero trust and delivered as Network-as-a-service (Naas). Our platform approach is powered by prebuilt integrations with every major cloud provider, open APIs, DevOps tools and opensource SDKs.

NetFoundry software endpoints make local decisions on an app-by-app basis to provide optimized network routing and security. For example, authorized users (and only those users) can be directly routed to a verified business app like Microsoft 365. Traffic from an unknown web app can be routed to a secure web gateway for inspection. A good analogy is the notion of direct airline flights versus stopover airline flights. With NetFoundry verified applications and users make direct connections to their destination.

Legacy VPN solutions backhaul data to their private data centers, and then figure out what to do with the data. This adds extra network segments, latency, potential points of failure, security vulnerabilities and adds tremendous cost. This is akin to enduring a set of multi-stop air flights to get to your destination.

Being cloud native, NetFoundry delivers on the promise of scalability and extensibility with support for any application type, any use case, and any cloud. We make networks agile with orchestration and automation to spin up global zero trust networks in minutes. As a bonus, NetFoundry NaaS enhances productivity with NetFoundry managing all the underlying infrastructure and you can optimize spend with our OpEx consumption-based pricing. Click on the banner below to receive a copy of our paper outlining how NetFoundry unifies networking and security.

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