How NetFoundry aligns with the principles laid out by NIST

The emergence of zero trust security frameworks is a direct response to the failings and vulnerabilities of the legacy static perimeter-based model of security. With today’s massively distributed applications, a multitude of edges, private and public clouds, legacy networking is being mightily stressed – to the point of failure. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recognized the need to transform network security with zero trust and has codified this approach in their Special Publication 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture. If you have not reviewed this NIST publication we heartily recommend you do so.

The rules of the networking game have changed. Implementing incremental changes around the edges by continuing to invest in technologies more than 20 years old will not be successful. What is needed is a wholly new approach that unifies networking and security with a cloud-native software-only platform approach. Security needs to be inherent and built-in to networking – not created as a bolt-on. NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Network-as-a-Service Platform is such an approach.

We offer our perspective in this paper that details the key tenets of zero trust and how NetFoundry was built from day one in alignment with the principles laid out by NIST. This alignment includes:

  • enhanced identity governance
  • policy-based access controls
  • all connectivity is micro-segmented
  • implementing software defined perimeters, and supporting hardware root of trust

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As described by NIST, zero trust applies across many different areas, not just the network. Complete, true, zero trust requires we deploy zero trust across Users, Devices, Applications, Networks and ideally leverage automation and analytics. Complete details of NetFoundry’s implementation of zero trust is presented in this paper.

You can take control of your networking and security today to enable more decentralized innovation and deliver more value to your customers with NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Networking Platform. With NetFoundry you can securely connect your people and devices to the services they need to access, and provide your organization with the agility, innovation, and flexibility to address the complexities of today’s IT landscape.

Download your copy of the paper: NetFoundry – Zero trust and NIST 800-207

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