Free Whitepapers show how Simple Security Hygiene goes a Long Way to Improving Protection from Ransomware

Modern businesses no longer use software – modern businesses are software. All software depends on data. If ransomware finds and encrypts enough critical data, then a business may not be able to operate until it can decrypt and restore its data. In many cases it is simpler and faster, and often VERY costly, for ransomware victims to pay the ransom and move on. We have detailed in previous posts what ransomware is, how ransomware attacks, and how ransomware attacks can be prevented from disabling any business with zero trust architectures.

We have also detailed how zero trust architectures could have thwarted the Kaseya ransomware and Confluence attacks.

How do ransomware actors get started – identify targets and research potential areas to attack? In the three part series of papers linked below, we explore these topics and outline how by following some straightforward security hygiene practices and implementing a true zero trust architecture can greatly mitigate the expansion and multiplication of ransomware across a network.

Here is a synopsis of each paper and while they are available (without the need to register) to be read in any order – we suggested you approach them in this sequence.

Paper #1: How do Ransomware bad actors find victims? Discusses how ransomware actors seek out potential targets with tool like Shodan and it is surprisingly simple! We also review some of the tools available from MITRE ATT&CK to implement recommended counter measures.

Paper #2: How Ransomware bad actors scope attack vectors? In this paper we discuss how relatively simple and automated it is for bad actors to source specific details, much of it available from public (free) sources such as whois and Nmap about your internet facing infrastructure that can potentially be exploited.

Paper #3: How can you thwart and disrupt Ransomware attack patterns? With true zero trust architectures, strategies, and the NetFoundry Zero Trust Platform, you can thwart and mitigate ransomware attack scenarios, and help protect your information and prevent your organization from being compromised.

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Achieving true zero trust as a networking goal is now required in today’s global digital world. As information and application resources become more widely deployed, as MEC and cloud infrastructures are rapidly deployed to the edge, and users become more mobile every day, legacy network architectures are now invalidated.

Ransomware is more dangerous and costly than ever. Ransomware is now big business and this explains in part the surge in attacks we are seeing today.

NetFoundry provides a range of options to deploy zero trust network architectures and provides the unique option of embedding zero trust into software – to establish true zero trust. To secure your networks and improve your business security posture, please contact us at NetFoundry and together we can achieve your secure networking and business goals.

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