Leading financial services and SaaS companies are now using the solution to better protect consumer data

cleverdomeLas Vegas, Oct 31, 2017 – cleverDome
, inc., an Arizona Benefit Corporation, announced the commercial launch of an innovative cybersecurity solution to protect confidential consumer information in the cloud “under the Dome”. The announcement was made at the T3 Technology Conference for financial services executives.

Initial financial services industry participants include United Planners, Redtail, Orion and Riskalyze.

The cleverDome solution, powered by NetFoundry, provides the fundamental model for the future of financial networks: the unification of end-­point protection with a secure communication layer under a common due-diligence standard.  This solution is available through a revolutionary model built on a community‐driven platform in collaboration with financial services industry leaders.

cleverDome and NetFoundry offer the first model proven at scale which implements the emerging Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture to replace legacy VPN architectures.  Gartner identified SDP as a top technology for 2017, stating that 60% of enterprise will replace VPN with SDP by 2021, a phenomenal statement about the benefits of SDP compared to VPN, considering that less than 5% of the true early adopters and technology visionaries have adopted SDP today.

NetFoundry’s platform and global Software Defined Network (SDN) Fabric enabled cleverDome to take the software defined perimeter (SDP) concept from theory to production for the financial services industry. Data is securely and reliably transited across the NetFoundry Fabric, provided by cleverDome and NetFoundry as a managed service, such that cleverDome customers can leverage the solution with software from any Internet connection.

cleverDome launched the first production use case “Under the Dome” with launch participants including:

  • United Planners Financial Services, L.P. provides full brokerage, insurance and investment advisory services to over 500 prestigious financial professionals located throughout the United States.
  • Redtail Technology, Inc. is a leader in Web­‐Based Client Relationship Management solutions for financial advisers with over 100,000 users.
  • Orion Advisor Services, LLC is a portfolio accounting service provider for financial advisors. The firm’s technology solutions empower more than 1,300 firms with more than $520 billion in AUA and over 2 million accounts on the platform.
  • Riskalyze Inc. invented the Risk Number® and has distributed its risk alignment platform to over 20,000 advisors who use it to empower the world to invest fearlessly.
  • Entreda, Inc. provides endpoint protection for the SDP with 24/7 monitoring of devices, users, networks and applications used to conduct business with auto remediation features and reporting.

“Meeting regulatory compliance with a fully secure network for financial communications, including personal data of consumers, has been a great challenge across the financial services spectrum. We have created a community based platform to protect confidential client information in the cloud,” said Aaron Spradlin, Founder and CEO of cleverDome. “Today we change the game with a highly effective solution that is proven with leading financial services firms. We leverage NetFoundry’s platform to revolutionize the way these firms connect with each other and their clients efficiently, quickly and securely.”

“It was eye opening to see the speed and effectiveness at which cleverDome was able to use the NetFoundry platform, software and APIs to provide such a powerful solution,” said Galeal Zino, CEO of NetFoundry. “cleverDome’s solution provides the financial  services community with unprecedented agility, control and security, freeing them from the shackles of VPNs, hardware and private circuits.”

cleverDome’s focus for late 2017 and 2018 is to bring software service vendors, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers and financial advisers “Under the Dome”, protected by NetFoundry’s SDP solution, and without the costs and pain of VPNs.

About cleverDome

cleverDome  is  an  Arizona  Benefit  Corporation  (B  Corporation)  that  operates  as  a  Co-­Op  with members including software service vendors, custodians, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers, financial advisers and ultimately their investor clients. As a B Corporation, its mission to protect confidential consumer information through safe, reliable and fast Internet connections.  Learn more at www.cleverDome.com.

About NetFoundry

NetFoundry is the leader of the application-embedded era of networking. Solution and application providers use NetFoundry’s APIs, SDKs or web console to embed NetFoundry’s AppWANs into their services and platforms.  This enables app providers to serve their customers without VPNs or private circuits, accessing NetFoundry’s global SDN fabric from any Internet connection. Control, security and performance are built into each AppWAN, enabling customers to use any set of networks and clouds and still get the security, performance and reliability they require, and control everything from their application. NetFoundry is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices in San Francisco, New York and Singapore. Learn more at www.Netfoundry.io.


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