Zero Trust Azure Private MEC

Spin up Azure Private MEC and Azure based WANs in minutes

For businesses:

  1. Spin up Azure Private MEC and Azure based WANs in minutes.
  2. Easily integrate Azure Private MEC with any SD-WAN or MPLS-WAN.
  3. Hybrid cloud and multicloud made simple.

For operators

  1. The simplest and most secure way to remotely manage Azure Private MEC
  2. Instant connects to your EMS and observability tools
  3. Replace VPNs for CI/CD, vendor access, OTA update

For all:

  1. Meet the strictest security and compliance requirements.
  2. Developers make Azure Private MEC apps and data unreachable.
  3. Close inbound firewall ports, eliminate VPN and DNS vulnerabilities.

Ephemeral, authorization-gated, zero trust networks


Get mTLS for all apps and devices.  The Fabric identifies, authenticates and authorizes requests from enrolled endpoints, using X.509 cryptography.


App-level microsegmentation.  Each app can only access its policy-permitted resources. Sessions are encrypted and isolated for least privileged access.


Firewalls can now deny all inbound, and only allow authorized outbound to the private, zero trust fabric. The attack surface is minimized and complex ACLs are eliminated.


Direct routing to each destination with real-time latency optimization across the global Fabric.

Zero Trust Azure Private MEC: Fast, Secure, Simple

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