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Software-only, secure, uniform remote developer access to heterogenous app environments: private, public, & hybrid clouds.

Enterprises are shutting down data centers and moving apps to the cloud in record numbers. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 80% on-premises data centers will be replaced by public cloud, or private cloud housed in a colocation facility. As a result, DevOps, DevNetOps, and DevSecOps teams often bounce between different cloud environments. This heterogeneous cloud ecosystem complicates access management and operational support because the tools to support them are dispersed across many instances’/locations, with interfaces that vary widely from vendor to vendor. The result is a management, scalability, and security headache that is neither agile nor automated.

NetFoundry abstracts the vendor-specific differences in cloud environments away with a uniform management console and API. Access policies for individuals and developers are simplified, the overhead of managing bastion hosts to support remote access disappears, and developers will no longer struggle to establish tunnels from their desktops.

The NetFoundry platform provides a vendor-agnostic, secure, remote connections management solution over all types of connectivity, enabling administrators to instantly spin up secure, performant, application-specific, Zero Trust networks called AppWANs with public Internet reach and scale.

Embrace the Cloud With Confidence

A secure, private virtual mesh network over the Internet can be created and set up in minutes across any physical or virtual site, and also works for remote users, mobile devices, embedded applications, and IoT solutions.

NetFoundry brings agility, security, performance, and speed that traditional connectivity solutions can’t match. Networks can be spun up instantly using virtual gateways that are pre-built for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and other common cloud platforms.

Key Benefits

  • Dark networks that cannot be found or penetrated by unauthorized users on the Internet
  • Zero trust network architecture with secure network isolation and micro-segmentation in a least privilege access model
  • Programmable using REST API and IaC tools like Terraform & CloudFormation
  • Equalized heterogeneous environments that abstracts the differences between cloud vendors
  • Hardware, telco, and cloud provider agnostic
  • Developer friendly network deployment with support for critical enterprise network functions
  • Networks driven by the identities, contexts, & needs of each app and set of IAM policies
  • Available in AWS & Azure marketplace

Automation, Agility, Simplicity, & Security for DevOps

The Problem

Every cloud-based application is hosted inside one or more environments, encapsulated within an instance of a public or private cloud. A growing enterprise, utilizing cloud services for a large number of applications will eventually experience VPC sprawl – an explosion of VPCs (and/or VNETs) beyond what is manageable – as the result of having a separate cloud instance for each application environment. Most companies use three-to-four environments to develop, integrate, stage, and deploy a single application. An enterprise with just 40 applications must manage upwards of 160 app environments, for which connections, both inbound and outbound, must be carefully provisioned and monitored.

The challenge goes beyond remote worker access, to micro-services – back-end connections from an app to a remote service that provides data for the application to function. Most often, these far-flung micro-services live elsewhere – on the Internet, in a private cloud, or far flung data center. DevOps culture demands repeatable, automated creation of secure connections for remote services.

Historically, the process of managing access across the many-to-many relationships of modern distributed application environments has proven to be surprisingly complex. Fortunately, NetFoundry AppWANs provide a simpler, more secure, and automated solution.

The Solution

Software-only, micro-segmented application specific networks called AppWANs, created using the NetFoundry platform, can now replace the traditional, complex connectivity model with a streamlined, automated, and secure alternative that reaches from edge-to-edge. NetFoundry integrates with popular DevOps tools, can be codified into an IaC plan, and is network and cloud vendor agnostic.

Within AppWANs, endpoints route each session across the NetFoundry virtual mesh network, a secure, global Internet overlay orchestrated by a cloud-native, instance-specific network controller which integrates with business and application systems such as IAM, IoT identity, and cloud policies, while securing traffic across multiple layers and adaptively optimizing performance and throughput.

Application teams can easily configure and operate AppWANs. Each AppWAN is a selected subset of endpoints associated to an application with which, authorized endpoints are allowed to exclusively communicate, creating a zero trust relationship. NetFoundry AppWANs enable non-expert Line-of-Business and IT project teams to quickly and independently spin up and scale out compliant, performant, Internet-distributed applications as easily as they spin up services inside a public or private cloud.

In the past, each time a new VPC was created, it had to be connected to the enterprise network, and that typically took a few days of manual IT NetOps processes to complete. In fact, this process has remained one of a few components of the cloud ecosystem that hasn’t been replaced with a Terraform or CloudFormation plan. The NetFoundry platform, integrations, and the ubiquitous reach and security of micro-segmented AppWANs reduce the time it takes for this key step from days to only minutes.

Reduce downtime, eliminate complexity, automate connectivity, & infinitely scale with NetFoundry.

Download Our Latest Whitepaper

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