Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

In the tech world, discovery and innovation excites us. Nothing stays the same for long in technology and this continuous evolution is what makes it so powerful and influential. New technology not only transforms our day-to-day lives but entire industries as well and we are seeing this more so than ever in healthcare. Currently, the biggest paradigm shift in healthcare and medicine is artificial intelligence. This shift is the focus for AIMed Europe 2018.

AIMed Europe 2018 will be in London from September 11th through September 13th and is dedicated to the transformative impact that AI-inspired technology is having on healthcare. You can expect a one-of-a-kind cross section of physicians, C-Suite executives, purchasers and professionals in the world of medicine and data science. For us at NetFoundry, we are excited to be participating in this event as a Bronze Sponsor.

Why AIMed Europe is So Important

Technology is the commonality between all industries. Every industry needs the power of new technology even if it is consumed in different ways. Here at NetFoundry, we understand the importance artificial intelligence is having on the world and seeing its impact on the future of healthcare is nothing short of amazing. This is just one of the primary reasons why we are committed to supporting AIMed Europe.

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While significant advancements have been made in the healthcare and medicine realms, there are still gaps and limitations.

AIMed Chair, Dr. Anthony Chang, says, “I came to realize early in my career that medicine is woefully inadequate and often lacking in data-supported information and knowledge,” he continues, “a new biomedical world imbued with artificial intelligence will help every patient immensely.”

Combining Data Science and AI for Medicine

AIMed Europe offers a truly unique perspective due to the hybrid nature of attendees. At AIMed Europe, we can enable conversations that are fueled by the knowledge that comes from a variety of backgrounds and careers. Applying this knowledge and the data that comes with it is just the beginning of the AI revolution. And we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

Where to Find Us at AIMed Europe

Are you planning on attending AIMed Europe? If so, be sure to find NetFoundry. David Fish and Vincent Barida will be representing NetFoundry at the show. We will have a table where you can stop by and chat. Our team will also be participating in workshops over the course of the three days.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

We enthusiastically encourage you to attend the show if you can. There is an impressive lineup of speakers and the conversations and ideas that will stem from these speakers will be thought provoking and unprecedented.

Join us at AIMed Europe in London next week and prepare to embark on one of the most exciting revolutions the tech world will ever experience. We look forward to seeing you there.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

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