Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

Everything is moving to the cloud at an unprecedented pace and it makes sense. Cloud technology provides enterprises with countless benefits in the realms of efficiency and profitability.

While the cloud itself provides convenience and ease like never before, the migration is not effortless. Enterprises are having to move applications and massive amounts of data from onsite to cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s a cumbersome process with many speed bumps along the way that can hinder a successful cloud migration.

Additionally, there’s even more aspects to consider after the cloud migration is complete. It’s imperative that once migrated, the applications and data are accessible to users and ancillary systems in a controllable, secure and performant manner. Antiquated methods of cloud connectivity, such as VPN tunnels and MPLS connections, are costly, complex and time consuming.

The good news is, NetFoundry offers never before seen network agility, speed and security to businesses that are implementing cloud migrations and modern application practices.

Lift and Shift Applications With Ease

You may be wondering how NetFoundry offers reliable network agility, speed and security. Basically, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can spin up your network instantly using virtual gateways pre-built for common cloud platforms.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

We are now living in a world where software-only networks exist. Gone are the days of bulky hardware. NetFoundry makes this possible with AppWANs. AppWANs enable administrators to create instant software-only, zero trust, micro-segmented networks by using our web orchestration console or APIs. In simpler terms, AppWANs are deployed to connect anything with an Internet connection to cloud-migrated workloads such as applications and databases. And to top it all off, they offer multi-dimensional security and optimal performance.

The Key Benefits of NetFoundry for Cloud Migration

Let’s dive a little deeper into why NetFoundry as a networking solution is ideal for your cloud migration.

  • Networking as agile as the applications and IT functions it serves.
  • Zero trust network architecture with secure network isolation and micro-segmentation in a least privilege access model.
  • Multi-dimensional, encrypted data in motion protection.
  • Dynamic performance optimization with 3-5x performance gains over traditional VPN.
  • Hardware, telco, and cloud provider agnostic.
  • Developer friendly network deployment using popular DevOps tools.
  • Networks driven by the identities, contexts, & needs of each app and set of IAM policies.
  • Networks are on-demand and elastic.
  • Trusted partnerships & integrations for full-stack solutions.

Lemongrass Consulting and NetFoundry for Your Cloud Migration

The partnership between Lemongrass Consulting and NetFoundry has made cloud migrations significantly easier and far more successful. Lemongrass Consulting is a firm based out of the UK that seeks to improve SAP-centric businesses through the adoption of digital technology such as HANA, mobility and AWS public cloud. Lemongrass identified NetFoundry as a natural partner to provide agile and secure connectivity for its customers’ cloud migration initiatives and resulting migrated workloads.

Obstacles with Cloud Migration   

Lemongrass established several common areas of weakness during its customers cloud migrations. More specifically, Budget overruns, unnecessary complexity and significant scope creep when it came to establishing connections to AWS for the purpose of migrating workloads and connecting said workloads post migration.

cloud migration appwan network AWS lemongrass netfoundry data networking networks zero trust

Although AWS offers a rich set of options to connect customers to, it does require a local connection to the nearest point of presence. This can result in an overly complex and costly situation.

The Secure Solution

To overcome these obstacles, Lemongrass enlisted the help of NetFoundry. Now, with NetFoundry’s web orchestration console, Lemongrass can spin up secure, software-only AppWANs directly to its customers AWS VPCs over existing Internet connections without losing security or speed. This means that the time it takes to migrate data from onsite to AWS is significantly reduced.

Post migration, NetFoundry is able to establish micro-segmented AppWANs between users, data centers, other cloud providers and the cloud migrated application. Users and administrators can rest easy knowing their data is protected because each AppWAN is protected by multiple layers of security.

Now, with Lemongrass and NetFoundry, enterprises can experience the efficiency, security, speed, agility, reliability and profitability that is associated with digital technology and cloud migrations without the hassle and headache.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

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