Zero Trust Networking with AWS WaveLength

Easily and securely leverage the power of WaveLength Zones with zero trust edge networking

Securing Mobile Edge Computing With Zero Trust

Our collaboration with AWS has integrated NetFoundry’s cloud native zero trust platform with AWS WaveLength. This integration facilitates businesses to easily and securely tap into the power of mobile edge computing and private 5G for use cases that require the most stringent security and are latency sensitive including industrial IoT, near-real time video processing, and analytics. Wavelength Zones place AWS compute and storage services within communications service providers’ (CSP) datacenters at the edge of the 5G network. NetFoundry’s integration provides direct highly secure connections between businesses (applications, users, devices, locations) and WaveLength Zones so all applications can instantly join a NetFoundry managed zero trust private network.

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Rapidly Deploy Anywhere, Maximum Flexibility, Cloud Native Simplicity

Forward looking innovators will use AWS WaveLength with private 5G and embedded NetFoundry networking to reliably deploy and manage global software-defined networks that reduce latency and improve security.

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Strengthen Security

NetFoundry's zero trust networking enables Internet-shielded, least privileged access and app-level microsegmentation designed to prevent and isolate cyber threats. There is no network - only securely identified, authenticated, authorized app connections are allowed on the NetFoundry Fabric. NetFoundry’s zero trust architecture ensures the highest level of protection from malware and unauthorized access.

Rapidly Deploy

NetFoundry software is pre-integrated with AWS WaveLength and uses simple, cloud-orchestrated provisioning and management. All functions are provided by NetFoundry as turnkey SaaS so you can focus on building innovation and delivering value to customers – not installing and managing cumbersome network hardware.

1cloudstar netfoundry cloud solutions appwan appwans apac asia

Maximize Flexibility

NetFoundry is built with an open source base (Project Ziti), so any customization is possible. Process your local workloads at the edge with AWS WaveLength, while seamlessly connecting to cloud compute for the rest. NetFoundry cloud native zero trust software is available in every major cloud marketplace with web, API or DevOps tool automated installs.

How It Works

NetFoundry provides simple, zero trust optimized connectivity between AWS WaveLength and any site, edge device, cloud, and hybrid application. Utilizing NetFoundry's automation you can build application specific, zero trust, global transport networks in a matter of minutes and deliver levels of automation and agility only possible with connectivity-as-code. The architecture is simple and includes these components.

  • Endpoint software is installed onto a user's device, (see Remote Users) on an operating system, or embedded within an application utilizing NetFoundry's SDK.
  • Edge Routers are established into AWS WaveLength Subnet operating in an AWS VPC and in a customer’s Private VPC. (represented by the R icon).
  • NetFoundry hosted Edge Routers are established to provide ingress/egress of network traffic to the NetFoundry Global Fabric. The routers shown below are a basic typical initial deployment. Additional Routers can be spun up literally in minutes to connect to additional clouds (multi-cloud), edge compute, and service provider locations.
  • NetFoundry Orchestration (via a Web console) is used to:
    • • Define Services that encapsulate the definition of any resource that can be accessed by a client on the network.
    • • Define Attributes and Policies used to set access rights to services and paths.
  • APPWANs define the services that endpoints can reach over the NetFoundry Global Fabric/network.

NetFoundry's integration with AWS WaveLength enables you to instantly spin up zero trust, high performance, application-specific, global networks at scale. The solution eliminates the need for expensive private circuits, proprietary hardware, MPLS and traditional VPNs.

NetFoundry implements a global fabric fully managed Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution freeing you from managing the underlying infrastructure. Create seamless edge-to-cloud connectivity for any workload or edge use case with AWS WaveLength.

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Zero Trust security for mobile edge compute

No Authentication = No Network.

Until secure validation, there is no data path, providing zero trust networking security. Your IoT devices and edge compute is completely dark to the Internet. NetFoundry software includes embedded, bootstrapped secure certificate based authentication, providing actual secure identity (not IP addresses) based IoT networking.

Secure Authentication = Zero Trust Network

Even after secure identity based authentication, each session is micro-segmented with least privileged access. The NetFoundry Fabric Routers add another layer of zero trust security, as well as performance optimization. The Fabric Routers are controlled by you, while being managed by NetFoundry as NaaS.

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