This week in Barcelona, NetFoundry’s team is demonstrating the power of secure surveillance, integrating V5 System’s award winning surveillance system, including self-powered, high definition video cameras, Dell EMC’s IoT gateways, and cloud computing infrastructure as a service, and NetFoundry’s super secure, high performance private networking to solve important challenges.

Check out this short video on the solution:

Dell EMC V5 NetFoundry Instant Secure Surveillance Video

What makes this combined solution a game changer?

The entire secure surveillance system can be set up in an hour, including placing the V5 equipment at a public venue, moving the video streams in real time over the Dell EMC cloud, connected by a fully private network “spun up” to deliver the streams only to authenticated applications and individuals. Because the private network is built on top of the public Internet, but as a “dark network” that cannot be hacked, any place with any form of Internet access (3G/4G/5G, WiFi, Satellite) can be connected in high definition in minutes.

Advanced public safety through digital surveillance “spun up” on an as needed or emergency basis brings with it so many benefits, including capture of bullet-proof evidence should a terrorist attack be attempted. To learn more about how this technology comes together and how law enforcement agencies can benefit, reach out to the NetFoundry sales team.

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