This week in Barcelona at the world’s largest gathering of mobile innovators (Mobile World Congress 2017), the NetFoundry team together with Esprida is demonstrating the benenfits of Esprida’s precision Industrial IoT agriculture solutions delivered over a NetFoundry application-specific, private network, spun up over the public Internet but made more secure and performant with our game-changing software platform.

Industrial IoT is Changing the Way We Grow Food While Conserving Natural Resources

Watch this short video to learn more about how Esprida is helping farmers manage irrigation, providing real time information about everything from temperature to soil conditions over an intuitive mobile app:

With all the natural benefits of managing farms digitally, this connectivity can incur risk including stolen data, malicious interruption of processes, or even act as a springboard for distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

Precision agriculture counts on Esprida’s LiveIntersect industrial IoT solutions, connected by NetFoundry’s platform upon which application-specific private networks can be spun up and managed as Software Defined Networks (SDNs) with Software Defined Perimeters (SDPs).

Future farmers will connect crops, sensors, information, and people to improve yields over secure, resilient networks that leverage all that is good about the Internet, while avoiding the risks inherent in the unprotected public Internet.

We applaud Esprida’s vision and leadership in the IoT and Industrial IoT industry, and are honored to work with them, building integrated solutions to the agricultural world and more.

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