This week in Barcelona, NetFoundry‘s team is sharing a collective vision of the IoT future, integrating end-points, applications, cloud, compute, and data streams flowing securely and in “high definition” over private networks built by developers on NetFoundry’s platform. Check out this short video illustrating the benefits of using a drone to privately share real time information with teams who are able to travel virtually to a construction site, and the dangers associated with not securing “drone data.”

NetFoundry’s Vision

  • Enable businesses to extend their applications across the Internet, with the security and performance needed to meet the most stringent requirements.
  • Enable partners and developers to embed secure, performant networking inside of their solution stacks.
  • Enable customers to orchestrate and manage application-specific networks within an agile, cost-effective DevOps model.
  • It takes a community of partners to build game changing approaches to traditional and new business challenges, and we’re enjoying working with market leaders like Dell EMC and Wireless Glue to innovate and engineer!
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