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This week, we published a whitepaper in which we identify and investigate three common AWS networking challenges among customers with public cloud services as part of their hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, explore common solutions, and invite the reader to re-imagine these solutions with NetFoundry.

AWS Networking Re-Imagined

NetFoundry makes it easy to instantly spin up highly secure, performant, edge-to-cloud networks to AWS over the Internet using our web-based orchestration tools and APIs using micro-segmented networks called AppWANs. An AppWAN is established when our orchestration tools are used to assign an endpoint or group of endpoints (which can be any combination of virtual gateways, virtual machines, IoT devices, smartphones, laptops, etc.) permission to access a service or set of services (typically an application). The console and APIs enable the administrator to enforce and adjust AppWAN topology and membership in real-time, without the need to manage the infrastructure itself. AppWANs abstract the network in the same way that containers and virtual machines abstract applications from underlying compute infrastructure. This abstraction eliminates the need for private circuits, proprietary hardware, and restrictive telco solutions.

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NetFoundry Hybrid Cloud Topology Using AppWANs to Connect the Data Center, Employees, & AWS

The components within NetFoundry’s orchestration console were designed to make building and augmenting AppWANs that enable AWS networking easy and seamless through automation, integration, and abstraction. AWS connected AppWANs make legacy applications cloud-portable with a layered security architecture that isolates and protects data flows through data stream fragmentation (aggregation and disaggregation) and military-grade encryption. The result is a private, dark, software-defined perimeter which protects the company and its assets from edge-to-edge.

In this whitepaper, we completely re-imagine three AWS networking solutions to common challenges that keep IT administrators up at night:

  • Edge-to-cloud networking with AWS
  • Cloud-to-cloud networking with AWS
  • Inter-regional AWS networks

Unlike traditional solutions, with NetFoundry, there is no hardware or VPN tunnels to manage, no private circuits to install, and no transit VPCs to configure and pay for.

Read The Whitepaper Now

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