NetFoundry for SaaS

Put the network inside your application. Improve security and performance to SaaS without hardware and VPNs, or spin-up your own AppWANs, integrating network with your app's identity, policy, security, and performance needs.

Progress Isn't Always A Zero Sum Game

Cloud environments are gaining in popularity with the growth of XaaS, or everything-as-a-service, where IT teams often serve as "cloud brokers", helping business units determine the best deployment and management models for different business applications including CRM, ERP, HR systems, collaboration platforms, e-commerce, web, and mobile applications.

As specialist SaaS solutions continue to permeate every industry, challenges arise. SaaS providers face tough questions from CISOs, and adequate security solutions such as VPNs, are cumbersome and costly, particularly at scale. When jitter and latency sensitivity is part of the equation, SaaS providers are stuck reluctantly responding with costly MPLS connectivity and geographic constraints as their only options.

Application developers are facing their own unique challenges. When designing for multi-tenancy, mobility, cloud deployment, or IoT, their innovations are often stifled by traditional network constraints.

NetFoundry gives SaaS providers and their customers a new, simpler, more secure, and performant connectivity option. Regardless of deployment scenario, NetFoundry's ability to integrate directly into the application removes the shackles of traditional network architectures, freeing developers to innovate and define networks based on application and context needs using the Internet.

The NetFoundry Solution

NetFoundry's platform, orchestration tools, and context-specific AppWANs provide SaaS providers, SaaS consumers, and application developers with a new arsenal to combat barriers to innovation, including security, performance, and connectivity issues.

We've partnered with popular SaaS providers like Microsoft and IBM to add control, performance, and security to Office365 and Watson in ways never thought imaginable. NetFoundry enables contact centers and businesses to connect to Watson voice services using the contact centerís existing Internet access providers, with enterprise grade security and reliability.

We help companies who consume SaaS optimize performance, simplify access management, and increase security. Whether through direct application integration, or the deployment of virtual gateways at or near SaaS serving sites from our console or APIs, NetFoundry's platform and orchestration tools enable you to instantly create zero trust, context-specific AppWANs between your business and your SaaS provider or cloud-based app, eliminating the need for expensive private circuits or cumbersome VPN connections.

Improve Performance & Ensure Security

NetFoundry eases SaaS adoption and connectivity. The software-only AppWANs you create with our orchestration tools go beyond SaaS, making stubborn, legacy applications cloud-portable. Regardless of deployment scenario, your AppWANs are fortified with a layered security architecture that isolates and protects data flows through a data stream fragmentation (aggregation and disaggregation) and military-grade encryption. The result is a private, dark, zero-trust network, protecting you and your customers from edge-to-edge.

Advanced Resiliency
for Improved QoE

NetFoundry's platform is purpose-built for optimizing traffic flow over the Internet, ensuring jitter and latency sensitive applications and SaaS offerings perform their best. Our AppWANs automatically adapt to network conditions and route traffic via the best performing paths and transport protocol. For example, the platform may encapsulate TCP in the inherently more performant UDP and thereby dramatically outperform traditional single-path VPNs in terms of throughput and latency.

Learn more about integrating networking into your apps, SaaS offerings, or connecting your enterprise to providers and clouds with the NetFoundry platform.

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