Zero trust AWS networking...

eliminate MPLS or VPN pain

Problem: IT needs simple, secure, high performance AWS networking, without MPLS, VPN or SD-WAN expense and complexity.

Solution: IT gets private networking, over the Internet, for all users, devices and sites. See here why Gartner listed NetFoundry as 1 of 8 Cloud Interconnect leaders to optimize cloud over Internet.

Partners: Leading CSPs, MSPs and SPs integrate with NetFoundry to provide IT with a single solution for cloud migration and ongoing cloud networking.  For example, here is how Cloud Comrade, the only SE Asia HQ'd AWS Partner Network Premier Tier Consulting Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Partner, integrated NetFoundry into their services.

The result is AWS is managed as part of a cloud native network, with NetFoundry and partners managing the underlying infrastructure as NaaS:



"As one of the largest film production companies in Asia, MD Pictures was looking for an agile yet powerful solution to migrate our applications and large data files to AWS. NetFoundry has enabled us to do this quickly and securely without the need for cumbersome VPNs or expensive Direct Connect/MPLS circuits. This new type of cloud-native, high-performance, instant networking has increased our internal productivity, accelerated time to market, and enabled us to compete as a modern digital enterprise."

Dave Ulmer, Head of Digital, MD Pictures 

The simplest way for IT to implement zero trust AWS networking


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