Driving Innovation with Unified Networking and Security

Looking to consolidate your distributed networking and security solutions into a single cloud native platform?

As a leader in application specific networking and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), NetFoundry believes digital transformation requires network transformation.

•Software-only solution for simple, secure access to all apps
•Completely replaces VPN clients
•Zero trust network access with micro-segmentation
•Direct routing via app specific networking
•NetFoundry manages infrastructure as NaaS
•No separate VPNs to manage - part of SASE platform

NetFoundry enables SaaS, ISV, solution providers and IT to extend simple, reliable, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) anywhere your apps go.


    Enable Your Teams to Work From Anywhere

    Embrace the next normal with true zero trust networking from NetFoundry and overcome the constraints of legacy networks as you implement your long-term work from anywhere strategy.

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    • “At the onset of Covid-19, our NetFoundry platform enables us to configure and activate our entire staff for remote access to various on premise local workstations & servers in under 2 hours with a range of permissions per users and/or group and no hardware deployment. In the last few days it has been a life saver.”
      Shawn Campion
      CEO, Integro Technologies
    • “We are seeing increased demand from our customers for greater security, control, & flexibility for their IoT private networks. Our partnership with NetFoundry allows us to embed zero trust networking to satisfy those requirements.”
      Bryan Lubel
      President, Integron
    • “Integrating our IoT Edge solution with NetFoundry SDKs enables customers to meet their goals without deploying VPNs, firewalls, or proprietary hardware. We can jointly be deployed as software on any IoT device to provide our customer a turnkey, zero trust solution.”
      Paul Edrich
      CTO, IMS Evolve
    • “Our partnership with NetFoundry is accelerating our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. By integrating NetFoundry’s zero trust platform into our IoT and Edge analytics solutions, TOOQ is transforming the retail industry, protecting retailers from threats like ransomware.”
      Ronaldo Moura
      CEO, TOOQ
    • “NetFoundry's cloud native networking has been the perfect match to aid FWD on our digital transformation and cloud-native application journey. In the current pandemic situation, although our usage has multiplied, NetFoundry easily scaled to cater to our demands to facilitate work from home in a few simple clicks, for both internal users and external parties.”
      Shilpa Tumma
      Information Security Officer, FWD
    • “Zero trust and least privilege access in a world that is moving towards edge compute and dynamic containerized services is pivotal, which is yet again where NetFoundry scores with its capability to easily integrate ZTNA with automation frameworks via its APIs.”
      Martin Braem
      COO, Klarrio

    Zero trust security replaces VPN vulnerabilities

    No Authentication = No Network

    Until secure authentication, there is no data path, providing true zero trust networking security. NetFoundry includes build-in, fully managed, bi-directional secure certificate validation to authenticate every endpoint. 

    Secure Authentication = Zero Trust App Access

    Users never get a full network connection!  Users only get access to specific authorized applications (micro-segmented, least privileged access).  All assets remain dark due to NetFoundry's Fabric routers. The Fabric is controlled by your policies, while being managed by NetFoundry as NaaS.

    Zero trust with micro-segmentation

    VPNs provide access to entire networks. However, contractors, vendors or remote workers only only need access to specific apps. NetFoundry's micro-segmentation only provides access to the specific apps, greatly strengthening security and compliance.


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