NetFoundry's Cloud-Native Global Network Control Fabric

Giving You & Your Apps Unprecedented Control & Reach

This overlay is the heart of the NetFoundry platform. Think of it as a blank canvas, upon which you and your apps build AppWANs- virtual, zero trust, micro-segmented, context-driven networks.


Global In Minutes

Transit nodes, proxies, session controllers, & security infrastructure are strategically placed across multiple Internet service providers' footprints all over the world. This allows the NetFoundry platform to dynamically choose network paths to meet application-specific needs while maximizing route availability and resiliency with unprecedented security. Unlike traditional BGP, NetFoundry's routing is intolerant of high latency and packet loss. As a result, most of our customers see a 3-5x performance increase as compared to traditional VPNs and standard Internet access.

First, an administrator uses NetFoundry's web-based orchestration console and/or APIs to design and instantly deploy AppWANs. The console, APIs, endpoints, and Network Control Fabric work in concert to enable instantaneous, software-only global networks from anywhere to anywhere, without the complexity and overhead of managing any network infrastructure.

The endpoint software connects to the network control fabric from any Internet connection, extending each AppWAN to the application edge. The endpoint software routes each session to the network control fabric, orchestrated by an instance-specific network controller which integrates with business and application systems such as IAM, IoT identity, and cloud policies, secures traffic across five layers, and adaptively manages Quality of Experience (QoE) during each session.


Secure By Design

The Internets permissive architecture is powerful, but it is also a security vulnerability. NetFoundry's network control fabric enables secure, isolated, private networking across the Internet, without requiring security infrastructure such as VPNs. As a result, each AppWAN is fortified by an encrypted, zero trust, layered security architecture which isolates and protects data flows, resulting in a private, dark network, micro-segmented by application.

In an ecosystem defined by AppWANs, security and compliance needs are defined by the application, rather than the combination of application, network, and security infrastructure. This eliminates potential vulnerabilities introduced by separate policies.

Performant By Design

Traditional networking solutions such as MPLS and SD-WAN lose control of data once it is routed to a destination which is not front-ended by WAN CPE, thus forcing reliance on best-effort Internet performance. Conversely, NetFoundry's network control fabric optimizes data across the Internet, assuring quality of experience (QoE) with a four-pronged approach.

NetFoundry's network control fabric automatically mitigates poorly performing traffic paths by reducing the amount of traffic on that path, or by eliminating the use of the path altogether. The longer the path latency, the higher the chance for a problem. Real-time feedback within each individual path allows the network control fabric to weight each path accordingly or give up on a poor path and utilize another.

Now that you've learned about the Network Control Layer, let's talk about AppWANs.