The Anatomy of AppWANs

Under the Hood

The Modern World Needs AppWANs

In today's world, innovation drives everything. To be agile enough to innovate effectively, you need to control your network. Unfortunately, with traditional solutions, you are often limited by telco-controlled SD-WAN or MPLS networks. It's slow and expensive to work with telecoms to deploy custom hardware, circuits, and VPNs, a reality that hinders your innovative potential. To make matters worse, MPLS, SD-WAN, and VPN architectures weren't designed for the modern, digitally transformed application topology, so you're also saddled with complex security issues when attempting to cobble together the old architecture to meet the needs of a new application topology.

AppWANs give you and your apps direct and total control of the network, regardless of which devices, businesses, WANs, clouds, or service providers it traverses. Security and performance travel with your application, no matter where it resides. AppWANs provide you with context-specific overlay networks, which are secure and performant, even across Internet-dependent services such as cloud, SaaS, and IoT. AppWANs make the network an asset in your digital transformation, rather than a barrier.

How Do AppWANs Work?

Whether through our web console, command-line interface, or APIs, when you create a NetFoundry network, you're creating a dark, software-defined, encrypted Internet overlay by signaling our global network control layer to establish and assign a virtual network controller belonging solely to the network instance you created. This network controller orchestrates traffic flows, enacts policies that are pushed down to various network elements, and securely registers and manages endpoints. The network control layer spans the entirety of the Internet, allowing you to connect any combination of elements, as long as they have Internet access. Think of it as a canvas, upon which you create AppWANs by defining associations between elements through a zero trust, software-defined perimeter model.

An AppWAN is established when our orchestration tools are used to assign an endpoint or group of endpoints (which can be any combination of virtual gateways, virtual machines, IoT devices, smartphones, laptops, etc.) permission to access a service or set of services (typically an application). The console and APIs enable the administrator to enforce and adjust AppWAN topology and membership in real-time, without the need to manage the infrastructure itself.

A Side-by-Side Comparision: AppWANs vs SD-WAN/MPLS

Where should you begin?

Getting started with NetFoundry and AppWANs is easy since there's no migration necessary. By design, AppWANs give businesses the ability to meet the needs of the digitally transformed application environment, while interworking with existing networks and systems. Start by addressing your most pressing needs, such as securing and optimizing edge-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connectivity. In digital transformations, as business services are modularized in a cycle, AppWANs can be spun up, segmented, and adjusted in minutes to secure and connect them to the appropriate context within the broader ecosystem. AppWANs bring:

AppWANs Simplify and Strengthen Security

Security may be the greatest challenge of a digitally transformed world, dependent on massively distributed and dynamic software. Security requires a multi-layered approach, where the network is a component. NetFoundryís platform and APIs are built to natively integrate as part of full stack solutions and platforms, while enabling leading application-centric security approaches such as Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Zero Trust.

Software defined perimeter enables you to enforce access security across any networks and clouds based on applications, identity, and contexts rather than traditional perimeters which are defined by locations and firewall rules. The application-specific architecture of software defined perimeter perfectly matches NetFoundryís AppWANs and modern IAM systems, enabling you to centralize security control on the application side, rather than trying to maintain separate policies on the network side.

Unshackle Innovation

Since AppWAN-based overlay networking is service-provider and infrastructure agnostic by design, there's not much stopping you from connecting the things you need to connect to the applications they need to access. Plus, since administrators can spin up AppWANs from the console in minutes, you can extend the agility you demand from your DevOps teams to your network, opening a whole new world of possibilities.

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