Application Specific Networking

NetFoundry AppWANs enable direct, zero trust flights for every app

Take security to your app, rather than putting your apps on stopover flights

App specific networking enables verified business apps to go direct to their destination - eliminating backhaul, extra latency, failure points and complexity of stopover flight alternatives.

NetFoundry's cloud native, zero trust networking is the core of an industry leading SASE framework, integrating your networking and security needs into one simple solution.

Unshackle Innovation

Since AppWAN based overlay networking is programmable, software-only, cloud native, and not shackled to any telco services, you are finally free to innovate. You can spin up zero trust, multicloud AppWANs from the NetFoundry web console in minutes, or use our APIs for simple integration inside your Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible and any other DevOps or cloud orchestration framework.

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