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Evolve Your Business Through Cloud Transformation

NetFoundry & 1CLOUDSTAR Partner to Implement Secure & Custom Cloud Solutions

Partnership Overview

1CLOUDSTAR are experts who actively work with Amazon Web Services and successfully deliver Cloud Advisory, Cloud Migration, Cloud Connectivity and Cloud Managed Services to private and public sector customers in various industries. The 1CLOUDSTAR Global Cloud Delivery Network is composed of a specialized group of management consulting, technology and business process professionals who combine a breadth of cloud transformation capabilities with insight-driven business insight. This helps clients achieve exceptional performance.

With the NetFoundry platform, 1CLOUDSTAR enables their customers’ network, which is abstracted from the underlay, in the same way AWS does for compute and storage, to deliver performant and secure connectivity in minutes for critical apps using APIs and DevOps tools and methodology. The partnership acts as the ‘gateway’ for businesses to become cloud-native on AWS.

Solution Overview

Become Cloud Native & Digital

  • 1CLOUDSTAR and NetFoundry can quickly scale connections to support your connectivity needs, enabling new environments to deploy in hours instead of weeks, helping AWS customers reduce bandwidth costs, and achieve secure, predictable network performance to the Cloud and their AWS applications.

  • In 1CLOUDSTAR environments, NetFoundry AppWAN solutions makes it easy to instantly spin-up software-only, highly secure, performant, edge-to-cloud networks to any AWS workload or form-factor over the Internet using web-based orchestration tools and APIs with micro-segmented networks via the myCloudMAS® Solution (Cloud Management and Automation Suite).

  • With 1CLOUDSTAR and NetFoundry, enterprises can experience the efficiency,security, speed, agility, reliability and profitability that is associated with digital technology and cloud migrations without the hassle and headache.