Zero Trust Networking solution across the Google Ecosystem

NetFoundry delivers cloud orchestrated high performance network connectivity to GCP environments

Partnership Overview

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of public cloud computing services for compute, storage and application development that run on Google hardware. Google Cloud helps drive digital transformation for some of the world’s leading companies in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, financial services, gaming, media, entertainment, public sector, telco, and healthcare. Google Cloud partners with customers to build customized solutions for their toughest challenges, trusting in Google’s industry-first solutions, expertise, and robust ecosystem of partners.

Solution Overview

Similar to what Google Cloud Platform does for infrastructure-as-a-service, NetFoundry implements a fully managed Network-as-a-Service solution, which empowers businesses to both orchestrate and control networks without needing to manage the underlying infrastructure. Using NetFoundry, there is no need for traditional networking hardware, complex routing, and pricy configuration management costs. Once NetFoundry gateways, containers are spun up, simply use AppWANs to connect apps to unlimited devices in real-time as an overlay on top of the Internet. NetFoundry’s platform brings flexibility and agility to networking and containerization, with the ability to make changes without interruption. Policies can be established driven by identity, context, and application need, as you can easily interconnect to many virtual networks within cloud providers as an alternative to transitive routing. NetFoundry eliminates expensive private circuits, traditional VPNs, and proprietary hardware by delivering high performance, cloud-orchestrated network connectivity to both GKE and GCP environments.