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Cloud and System Integrators and Managed Service Providers use NetFoundry to remove the costs and complexity of VPN and MPLS

NetFoundry provides you with 4 key competitive advantages:

  1. Simple: use NetFoundry's unique NaaS (Network as a Service) solution to instantly provide private connectivity from any Internet connection, without WAN disruption.
  2. Customer satisfaction: NetFoundry provides better performance than VPN, MPLS or SD-WAN. NetFoundry doesn't just choose between Internet and WAN paths like SD-WAN does; NetFoundry optimizes the Internet path via the NetFoundry Fabric.
  3. Security: NetFoundry's multi-layered solution includes Zero Trust security architecture, encryption, least privileged access, application level microsegmentation and hardware root of trust integrations. The NetFoundry Fabric only allows authenticated, authorized data flows.
  4. Go to Market flexibility and support: Choose to co-sell, re-sell or sell direct (including OEM and white label models). NetFoundry provides partner training and support.  NetFoundry's APIs and cloud-native architecture make integrations simple and seamless.

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