Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

Let’s talk about security. Nowadays, with mega breaches like the Equifax Data Breach and the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, the incentive to amp up security has people far and wide scrambling to increase data privacy and protection. We live in an extremely trackable and hackable world so it’s more important than ever to heighten security and protect our most sensitive data.

How do you go about doing that? Whether you’re approaching this from a personal angle or from a business perspective, it’s a question you have probably asked yourself. Let’s narrow down this conversation and take it from a network security standpoint (after all, we are networking people).

Back to the NetFoundry Networking Basics

Legacy networking solutions, while an antiquated concept in today’s virtual world, provided enterprises with reliability, performance and security. While traditional networks were trusty allies for businesses 20 years ago, they just don’t cut it today.

The digital era is all about empowering innovation, accessibility and agility. While applications and infrastructure have been able to play in those arenas, all while modernizing and becoming more nimble, responsive and advanced, networks haven’t experienced that same luxury. At least not until NetFoundry.

NetFoundry has caught networks up to the advancements applications and infrastructure have been enjoying.

NetFoundry makes it possible to instantly spin up highly secure, performant, application-specific global networks at scale using our web-based orchestration tools and APIs. All you need is an Internet connection. These AppWANs abstract the network in the same way that containers and virtual machines abstract applications from underlying compute infrastructure. This eliminates the need for private circuits, proprietary hardware, and telco solutions. With NetFoundry, developers can integrate secure, performant networks in software, and use any WAN technology or Internet connection for traversal.

So, now that we’ve established what and how NetFoundry does, let’s take our conversation back to network security.

Reliable and Performant Network Security

Most people are under the impression that traditional networking solutions are the most secure option. However, that is no longer true. Traditional networks can be seen as one dimensional. What we mean by that boils down to encryption. Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is another name for encryption over a VPN connection. While the VPN is a direct connection to the network, it is only protected by one dimension (or layer) of security: the IPSec connection. If that IPSec connection is broken, data streams can easily be intercepted.

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With NetFoundry, our network overlay is protected by multiple layers of security. So, even if one layer is broken, the hacker cannot do anything with that information since there are other layers protecting the network.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

Take a look below to understand how detrimental one dimensional networks can be for an enterprise.

The Bleichenbacher Catastrophe

This month, it was announced that a new Bleichenbacher oracle cryptographic attack has been set loose using a 20-year-old protocol flaw. This attack compromises the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol used to secure IP Communications. More specifically, the attack is targeting IPSec-based VPN connections. Man-in-the-Middle attacks and access to data carried in VPN sessions are likely to occur.


With NetFoundry’s multi-layered network control fabric, attacks like this are virtually impossible. Don’t let your data and privacy remain vulnerable. Spin up your own secure, performant and application-specific network today.

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Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

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