Heading into the world’s largest industrial automation conference and trade show, Hannover Messe (in Hannover Germany April 24 – 28), we are thrilled to announce that NetFoundry has joined Dell’s IoT Solutions Partner Program. As an IoT partner, NetFoundry can help deliver full-stack solutions to industrial, healthcare, and consumer solutions.

One of the largest and most successful technology ecosystems in the IoT and IIoT worlds, Dell’s community includes other tech giants, including SAP, as well as startups like NetFoundry. Earlier this year, Dell’s program was named an IoT Breakthrough award winner for “IoT technologies and companies that have both succeeded in pushing ingenuity and exemplifying the best in connected solutions across the globe.”

As one of the program’s newest members, NetFoundry is an Associate IoT Partner, bringing advanced service connectivity solutions to the ecosystem, with already proven interoperability leveraging Dell’s gateways and servers. NetFoundry replaces expensive and complicated MPLS, VPN, and legacy “telco” network engineering with SDN agility, APIs and software.

As an IoT partner, NetFoundry enables Dell and partners in the ecosystem to embed software-defined networks inside of their applications and services. We make spinning up secure, private networks over the public Internet as easy as spinning up virtual machines.

NetFoundry software enables partners to use any Internet access provider, or multiple ISPs, and creates application-specific, global SDNs which they control to meet the policies of the application.

Our SDNs are more secure, resilient and performant than legacy network solutions,  using software-defined perimeter architectures (SDP) and patented data-in-motion technology to make customer assets and networks “dark” to the outside world, and thwart attacks including botnets, DDoS and man-in-the-middle.

Our platform intelligently routes data across multiple tier one provider backbones, selecting the best paths in real-time, according to the compliance, security and performance needs of the specific application.

As A Dell IoT Partner, We’re Focused A Wide Breadth of Industries

  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Customer support (call center to cloud-AI interconnect)

Our software has been qualified on both Dell’s Edge Gateway 5000 Series and Embedded Box PC 3000 Series.

We’re building use cases for Smart Metering/Energy Management, Smart Infrastructure, Remote Asset Management, Factory Optimization, Fleet Management, Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Security & Access Control as well as Highly-secure, resilient, performant data center, regional and branch office interconnect over private networks built atop the public Internet.

Earlier this year, we demonstrated a few use cases as Mobile World Congress.

Internet Agility & Economics Without Sacrificing Security or Performance

NetFoundry’s APIs and software enable full stack solutions, from end-to-end, incorporating end-to-end identity and policy from IoT edges to IT cores to clouds, making us the perfectly agile partner for technology ecosystems like the one Dell has created, specifically design to help accelerate IoT deployments, and scale IoT solutions.

Performance At The Edge

We’re also announcing today that NetFoundry has joined the Linux Foundation and is an active member of the new EdgeX Foundry community, which was initiated originally by Dell.

An open source software project to build a common framework for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing that will drive interoperability between applications and connectivity standards, EdgeX Foundry is building a community of companies offering plug-and-play components that can be combined to quickly create secure IoT solutions that can easily be scaled. Founding Platinum members include Dell and SAP.

“The goal of EdgeX Foundry is to build a flexible, platform-independent, highly-scalable and industrial-grade open source edge software platform supported by a rich ecosystem of community-developed components. Designed to run on edge hardware such as routers, gateways and servers, the EdgeX platform can quickly and easily deliver interoperability between connected devices, applications, sensors and services, across a wide range of use cases. Dell is contributing its Project FUSE source code under Apache 2.0, consisting of more than a dozen microservices and over 125,000 lines of code, to seed the EdgeX Foundry project. Started in July 2015, Project FUSE was built with feedback from hundreds of technology providers and end users to enable developers to build proprietary products and value-added services on top of an open foundation.”

Meet Us In Hannover!

We’d love to meet with your personally, offer a demo of NetFoundry’s platform, along with supporting the demo of the EdgeX platform. Our team is being hosted in Dell Technologies’ kiosk in the Industrial Internet Consortium Pavilion (Hall 8, Stand C24).


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