Seamless, Secure, Instant Global Connectivity

NetFoundry provides the most agile, secure, edge-to-Azure connectivity without the constraints of burdensome VPNs, the hassle of private circuits, or the headaches of new hardware. In partnership with Microsoft, NetFoundry is expanding our Microsoft Azure integrations to enable instant, secure, performant connectivity to Azure Virtual WAN, Azure Stack, and Azure IoT.

Instantly spin up application-specific connections to Azure, supercharged by multi-dimensional security and maximum throughput, from any device with Internet access.

● Azure Virtual WAN preferred partner
Built on a zero trust, least privilege access model
Powered by NetFoundry's global network control fabric
Optimized, monitored performance across all paths in real-time

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Seamless deployment and management, fully integrated with the Microsoft Azure experience, abstracts you away from networking complexity.


Instantly connect to Microsoft Azure without WAN augmentations, service provider restrictions, new circuits, or hardware deployments.


Connections are fortified by a zero trust, military-grade, multi-dimensional security architecture which isolates and protects data flows.

Basic Connectivity Method

In the basic connectivity topology, administrators use the NetFoundry management console or APIs, which seamlessly integrate with your Azure subscription, to deploy endpoints at branch locations, then instantly spin up NetFoundry IPSec connectors to the Azure Virtual WAN Hub without private circuits or custom hardware. This allows administrators to create and connect customer sites in seconds, either individually or through our automated bulk provisioning tool.

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Enhanced Connectivity Method

Boasting every feature of the basic tier, the enhanced tier also makes it easy to extend connectivity to other public clouds, add Windows and Mac clients to the WAN, and micro-segment traffic by application. With the enhanced tier, traffic traverses NetFoundry’s global network fabric, a secure, global Internet overlay orchestrated by a cloud-native, instance-specific network controller which integrates with business and application systems such as IAM, IoT identity, and cloud policies, while securing traffic across multiple layers and adaptively optimizing performance and throughput, providing better security and performance than IPSec VPNs.

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Safeguard Your Network, Ensure Zero Trust

NetFoundry protects you, your devices, and your applications from edge-to-edge.

Each network built with the NetFoundry platform is fortified by a multi-dimensional security architecture which isolates and protects data flows, resulting in private, dark networks over the Internet, micro-segmented by application. Zero Trust is inherent in the platform, with network perimeter and security needs defined by the application, rather than the traditional combination of application, network, and security infrastructure. Policy and compliance adherence is drastically simplified through seamless integration with identity access management (IAM) systems and hardware roots of trust. 

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Optimize Without Compromise

NetFoundry's network control fabric optimizes data flow across the Internet, delivering 3-5x performance gains over traditional VPNs, assuring exceptional quality of experience (QoE) using a multi-faceted approach. Throughput is optimized by harnessing the superior efficiency of UDP, while dynamic path control ensures the quickest and most efficient way of traffic routing, automatically shifting paths to maximize performance, while preventing jitter and packet loss.

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