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Building on the last discussion of DevOps from Michael Switzer, let’s talk about what integrating NetFoundry into your DevOps practice could look like and examine some of the potential benefits. We’ll start with breaking down what NetFoundry brings to the table and then we will look at what a real-world scenario could look like.

Integrating NetFoundry Into Your DevOps Practice

NetFoundry is a developer-centric solution to networking for applications. The implications of that statement are fairly profound. A development team is no longer constrained by having to wait for their networking or operations teams to provision their intra-application stack networking nor their inter-application communication. Further, because that networking is isolated from the rest of the layers and application development, a development team can eliminate the concern that the underlying network is going to conflict in any of their development or deployment pipeline.

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This separation also allows networking and operations teams to focus on their subject matter more effectively because they can design, implement, and update their networks apart from application development. Each team can iterate independently of each other without stepping on each other’s toes, which can increase development velocity.

Communication and the Distributed Application

So, let’s examine a potential scenario that is fairly typical: a distributed application has three layers: front-end, middleware, and data. The application also has to communicate with external systems like customer relationship management and analytics.

There are several places that NetFoundry could help alleviate pain.

An application needs to communicate in a distributed fashion within a layer, i.e., between the middleware application in different regions. Then, layers need to communicate between layers across regions. Finally, the entire application has to communicate with external system that both produce and consume data to and from the application.

All of those points of communication have to be designed by networking or operations. Critically, when a change to networking is required, the entire application may have to be be rebuilt to accommodate those changes. With NetFoundry, that network changes can be isolated from application development so that network or ops teams could make their changes transparently.

To see a demonstration of how NetFoundry can help your DevOps practice, contact us today.

*This week’s blog was contributed by our very own Matthew Unger, Ops Engineer.*

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