Seamlessly integrate Azure Stack into your network

Microsoft's Azure Stack brings the powerful Azure Cloud experience to your private data centers.

NetFoundry instantly connects Azure Stack into the rest of your Azure assets and networking, so you can seamlessly manage workloads across the entire Azure ecosystem, without VPN and MPLS limitations.

Secure, high performance Azure Stack networking in 3 steps:

  1. Get the NetFoundry software for Azure Stack from the Azure Stack marketplace. It is the same NetFoundry software you use on your mobile phones, IoT devices, laptops, DMZ gateways and cloud gateways.

  2. Spin up your private network on top of NetFoundry's Fabric (you control your private network, while NetFoundry manages the Fabric infrastructure as NaaS), and add the Azure Stack endpoint.

  3. Define your zero trust, least privileged access policies, which determine what your Stack instance can access.

You did it! You now have a global, private, zero trust network for your Azure Stack networking needs. The network is performance optimized, minimizing latency and improving the throughput of most apps by 200% to 400% compared to VPN or MPLS.


Add Azure Stack to your cloud-orchestrated, software-only network.  You control it via web console, APIs or your DevOps tools, while NetFoundry manages the global infrastructure as NaaS.


Zero trust security extended to Azure Stack and all your edges (SASE) and endpoints (NetFoundry software and SDKs for mobile, IoT, Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual gateways and containerized gateways).


Minimize latency and optimize throughput.  200%+ performance for most apps compared to VPN or MPLS.  1 of 4 networking solutions in the world chosen by Microsoft to optimize Office 365 performance.


Replace the configuration of point to point VPN tunnels and MPLS circuits with cloud-orchestrated, software-defined networking.  Your private network leverages the NetFoundry Fabric, while NetFoundry manages the underlying infrastructure for you as NaaS.

Get simple, secure, high performance Azure Stack networking: